GYH(T) from SSSA

Hi all, just a bit of advice as i have no FSA at the minute.
I have just been posted and moved into SSSA. My family are now in our own house which I own, I am also over 37.
I am entilled to claim GYH(T)?
Yes ... you will need to take in your Council Tax demand for your private home plus a utility bill of some sort - dont forget to register for the over 37 package - will save you lots of money in the long run .... oh and if the SSSA is more than 3 miles from work you're also entitled to HDT - JSP 752 sets it all out in black and white for you.
yep - JSP 752 ch 5 Sect 2 .... One thing I should have asked - is your home less than 50 miles away from your place of work ???? If so you will not get it as you are expected to live in your own home and comute (claim HDT).
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