Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ipaq, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. After some advice from the JPA Gods out there......

    I own my own house, which is rented to a close friend. As part of the rental agreement I stay there during stand down periods.

    I've just found out about GYH (SA) can I claim this?

    Someone has informed me that I need a council tax or utility bill in my name to prove I own this house, is this correct?

    I travel back from Chepstow to Catterick, anyone any ideas how much I would be entitled to?

  2. Doesn't exist as GYH(SA) anymore. As far as I know you cannot claim it if the house is rented out as the journeys are for 'checking the house is still standing while unoccupied' so to speak.

    We used to ask for the council tax bill as proof of ownership, not sure if the same rules apply now JPA has came in
  3. Just got the new version of this you must show your council tax bill obviously it must only have your name on it so to prove in the armies eyes its not rented, dont get caught, basically you get two return trips to your house a month to check on it and you dont have to fill a claim in once they see the council bill you automatically get it. About 134 quid for my house which is 90ish miles away so 90 x 4 by the RAC route planner pays the council tax for the month so chuffed.
  4. Sleeper is that £134 per journey or per month (2x £134)

  5. If your house is rented out you are not entitled.

  6. As stated by Paywog above the property must NOT be let.

    You must be liable for Council Tax and show proof of ownership (Mortgage or deeds etc)

    You will also be required to provide a CT renewal each April.
  7. As I see it, you have a couple of options.

    1. Your house is not rented, but you have a lodger. You claim for your travel on JPA.

    2. Your house is rented. You claim tax relief for your journeys as legitimate expenditure to enable you to carry out regular checks on your property.
  8. Unless the tax laws have changed you are not allowed to claim for visits to the property only for journeys starting from the rented property to arrange repairs, etc.

  9. A colleague of mine has, for many years, claimed tax relief for journeys to his rented properties. He is not the sort of person to do this unless it is 100% kosher. I will look for proof that this is the case, but I believe that you are not correct.
  10. Like I say that's how it used to be when I rented my own place out! It was a popular misconception that you could claim for journeys from your duty station to the rented out property but the tax office computer said no - probably still got the bumph from the tax office somewhere.

  11. Thats 134 quid for the 2 trips or a total of 360 miles altogether and i dont have to fill any claims in just showed my council tax bill no audits or nothing cant believe it really, but as i said you must be sole name on the tax bill, i have a mate who has GF in his house and she is joint on council bill so he gets nothing i think mind you that was last year might have changed, ======1x 134 quid and my council tax for the month is about 70 quid so im quids in
  12. If your CT is only 70 quid a month you either own a caravan in Merseyside , or a basher on the Plain.
  13. my CT is 1000 quid a year and i live in a quiet village in spud picking cumbria but i get 25% off so only pay 750 a year which equates to 75 quid for ten months
  14. There is no longer a requirement for your name to be the sole name appearing on the bill, or for you to even show the bill for that matter. It is, like many other JPA activities down to the integrity of the individuals making the claims and taking the risk that they will not be audited. Most units will insist on you showing a bill that shows that you are at least associated with the property by having you name on the bill (even if others names appear on it as well). The allowance is far more open to abuse now, certainly at one unit I have served at. It does not take much for a bloke to get his bezzer living up north(he's posted down south) to add his name to the Council Tax bill and sort him out with some of the two hundred odd quid a month the tax payer is giving him. The rules were changed when JPA came in partly as people in long term relationships were being stitched up on the 'Your name on the bill only rule', now, every man and his dog has got his/her name on a council tax bill and is filling their boots with GYH(T).Get You Home Travel money..
  15. You still have to show that you own, jointly or singularly, the property to which you are claiming GYH.

    The unit that I work at still requires a copy of the CT bill at first claim then every renewal thereafter, along with something from the mortgage company with the service persons name on.

    At least if you have the relevant documentation then you are in the clear and will be safe from periodic auditting by JPAC.