Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jockster, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Some advice please lads and lasses. I'm Married, live in a quarter, I have my own house up the country which is empty and is having work done to it etc, am I entitled to GYH(SA)?
    Many Thanks
  2. No. That is personal choice! Just be grateful you have a house in which you can live when you leave!

  3. Sorry, what is my choice?, owning a house?. the reason for GYH(SA) is so that those who own a house elsewhere can visit it once a month. I was only asking what the qualifing requirements are.
  4. "a qualifying home is a serviceman's privately owned or privately rented property in the UK, for which he/she is solely responsible for the Council Tax, which is not let to another person, and in which he normally resides at weekends or during periods of leave."
  5. Ineligibility
    a. A serviceman whose permanant duty station is outside the UK
    b. A serviceman who, on posting to his duty station, elects to claim disturbance allowance, furniture removals at public expense or a refund of legal fees for a house sale or purchase.
    c. A serviceman who elects to claim GYH(P) or RILOR
  6. For serial b, what if the disturbance claim was from a quarter to another quarter and not the private house in question.

    As I understand it GHY(SA) is given to compensate an individual who has to travel home to check on his private house, this is given as one return journey a month. I fail to see what it has to do with Disturbance allowance, which is to compensate for the possible buggerance of moving from quarter to quarter.
    Any ideas?
  7. Does that mean you have to be single to claim it
  8. Dont forget that everything you know and love about allowances is all about to change under JPA - read all about it in JSP 752. GYH(SA) should still entitle you to 12 return warrants a year as long as you aren't claiming GYH(P) and have completed at least 3 years service and reside at your property at weekends and leave periods.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Hi Jockster

    twist to open you sound more like bitter and twisted to me

    Doing the same thing at the moment as i only found out about the GYH(SA) today!
    I own a house - distance 179 miles from Duty station
    I Pay the council tax (you will need the bill as proof)
    The house is empty, as is for my own use
    I live in a MQ with Spouse
    I recieve HDT (about 64/month) Happy so far?

    I am entitled to GYH(SA)
    If i choose to accept GYH(A) then I will lose the HDT. However as the GYH(SA) is considerably more than the HDT then Hooray!
    I am waiting to see if the whole lot is back payable in which case i will have to pay back the HDT but then claim the GYH(A).
    You can only claim up to 01/04/07 as that is when JPA kicked in

    this allowance is for the upkeep of your property annd is based on 2 visits a month ( however it is paid in your wage)

    Check the letters section in soldier for March i think it was.
    Big Brig cant be wrong!
  10. Regulations changed 121207 (SP Pol), you are entitled to claim GYH so long as the property is maintained by you and it is not rented out.
  11. LJS,

    Not seen this one, was this on DSPSIs? Do you have the full reference - JSP 752 debars those living in and commuting from SFA/RWA from receiving GYH - does this ruling change that?

  12. Yep, I will get you the Chapter and Verse, however, in a nutshell, SP Pol changed the policy WEF 12 Dec 07.

    They notified units via letter, your Bde should have the Reference.