why is it that if you are able to claim GYH(SA), i.e own a house, not live in it cos of where you are posted and dont rent it out, that you re not entitled to disturbance allowance or a move at public expense? or are my admin talking testicles?
it just seems odd that the Army are encouraging you to buy a house but are at the same time punishing you for having one, wanting to visit it and having to pay for your 'forced' move every 2 - 3 years?
Any help would be much appreciated
Various points raised here,

If you're not living in your house then obviously there is no requirement or eligibility for Disturbance Allowance.

If you're not renting it out and you are paying the utilities bills and your name is on the council tax bill then you are entitled to GYH(SA) - this will give you 3 warrants a year to your house (nowhere else).

What exactly is your point?
Of my 'Various points raised here', its good to see youve grasped the point, i dont live in my house cos its 530 miles away from where i work, i live with my wife in a FMQ near to where i work, which is why i would rather like to get disturbance allowance when i get posted and have to move from one FMQ to another. Also get your admin office to update their records, you get 12 GYH(SA) warrants a year. (provided you have proof of actually making the journey, like in my case, a ferry ticket)
So do you get the point of my question now or can you still not get the hang of someone owning a house in an area in which they wish to eventually settle down but living in a married quarter where they are posted? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
OK, first things first. If you want an answer to questions that are posed in this board then I suggest you start by giving all the facts in the first place. If you want to rant then you can go to the NAAFI and do it there. If you came into my RAO with an attitude like that you would be asked to leave and this board is no different.

You did not say in your original question that you were married accompanied, the 3 GYH (SA) warrants are for single soldiers who own their own home and wish to travel there on periods of leave (it may have been raised recently, but I am not currently working in that field).

Being married accompanied and owning your own house 500 or so miles away does qualify you for the 12 GYH(SA) warrants and I take it you are receiving these?

Disturbance Allowance is completely seperate from GYH allowances, and if you are posted from one location to another, one married quarter to another then I cannot see any reason why you should not get DA.

I cannot answer further without knowing all the facts. If you wish to give them to me you can do so by PM and I will then investigate your case fully.
would have been nice to be asked the relevant points rather than getting the DS flying off at the handle admin reply.
I have pm'd you, thanks
I have now gone through the rules with a fine tooth comb. There is nothing contained within the rules for Disturbance Allowance which say you cannot claim it.

I think your civvy clerk is getting confused with the rules for GYH(SA) (RAAC Ch 14) which state that you cannot have GYH(SA) if you have claimed DA/Removals/Refund of House Purchase etc. What this actually relates to (and to be fair it is not phrased very well in the Regs) is when you originally moved out of your own house and into a married quarter. But as I say this rule relates to GYH(SA) which you are already receiving.

Short answer is, moving from married quarter to married quarter on posting, you are entitled to the Basic Rate of Disturbance Allowance.

Don't take no for an answer, if you're not happy then insist that the civvy clerk staffs it up through the chain of command.

Hope this helps, please come back to me if you need any further info.
Thank you very much for your help.
more pics on your web site please :D
Theatreman said:
more pics on your web site please :D
Love to oblige mate, but unfortunately the crap connection I have to put up with in Cyprus won't let me have FTP access.

Look for a big (ish) update in October.
I have one piece of advice vis a vis claims and allowances. Check up with at least two different pay clerks. I have found that half of them don't have a clue and bluff it, so cross examine them!! only then will you get the DS solution.
unfortunatley that seems to be the way admin is going these days, civvie clerks who cant be arrsed and mil clerks who get all the grief because of it making them less interested.
You could always ask for a look at the Chapter yourself when you are in the RAO / Sub Unit Office. It is written in English (apparently), although not normal speak like what normal people use :)

If you are married though and you live a long way away, GYH(P) is almost always worth more - and you don't even have to go home !!
daylightshrubbery said:
If you are married though and you live a long way away, GYH(P) is almost always worth more - and you don't even have to go home !!
whats that then?
GYH(P) is Get You Home (Posting):

Allows you to live in and maintain a home in the same theatre but where your wife lives. The Army will give you money to travel home twice a month (if you are lucky it might cover it !) at a daily rate on your Pay Statement.

Stops at 530 miles though so don't get posted to Inverness if your wife lives in the South of England. Although the dolphins are very nice to watch on a summer night !! :D

It's up to you whether you actually go home or not !
Not wishing to be in any way derogatory to any of your Administrators (like an onion, each layer of administration should have another behind it - chain of command or something like that). The regulations be it RAAC, PAM or DSPSI's are not closely guarded secrets, you should ask to read them for yourself if you are not entirely happy with their explanation and if you can be restrained enough to tell them that while you do not doubt what they may have been taught you wish to see their Sys Coord or FSA. Remember: Your Administrators training can only account for so much, time and experience are the best training tools and they all have to start somewhere.
Too True - I am more than happy to give copies of the relevant pages to anyone that asks for them in my unit !! However as I am usually busy and the copier is way too technical I will let them read it for themselves.

It also doesn't hurt to get a second opinion as well.

It's always a pleasure - never a chore - honest 8O

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