gyh please explain

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by tiptop, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. hi can anyone please explain the gyh as we are hopping to go back to the uk in feb we will have been in germany 6 long months by this point are we entitled to gyh at this point? we would be going by ferry so could we claim this? also hubby is going on tour in march will i be entitled to any then if so could i then give them to my family to get them to visit me instead?
    many thanks for any help
  2. no on the anniversary of his assignment date

    when eligible 2 x claims are calculated, actual and notional, your husband will be paid the lesser

    where is he going on tour to and for how long? it will depend if/is there an owp also.

    why isnt he asking his unit admin?
  3. hi he will be going to afgan in march for 6 months
    and if see my other post you will understand why we dont have much faith in the army at the moment!
    many thanks
  4. hmm

    you ask for help from the people who are trying to assist your husbands issue.

    still unsure of the full ins and outs of the other thread, still, when he deploys to afghan will you stay in bfg?
  5. yes i will be staying in bfg
    as for the other thread the problem we have is the clerks here are all civvys and dont have a clue what to do so was asking advice from anyone so we point them in the right direction as nobody seems to know what to do and how to go about it i would have thought sombody could explain to my hubby when and how this happened and be able to sort it out but that is not the case but hey ho im sure the fairy godmother will come along soon and wave her magic wand
  6. hmm where are you sennelager?

    most bfg units have agc sps there, how did u find out about the overpayment? was it from a clk or apc?
  7. he questioned something with his wages with the clerk then they passed it on to someone else so we have been passed from pillar to post with no body to help or answer question my hubby is trying to sort things out and chase up paper work while getting ready for an excercise i think everbody is hopping we will forget about it but we are sure its not right and that there has been a mistake wouldnt mind but even this months wages were wrong! sorry i will rant but yes we are in sennelager
  8. thought so stc admin office or rmp?
  9. sorry you have lost me what is the question (remeber im wife and not to bright)
  10. is yr hubby administered by the rmp or stc admin office?
  11. dont know im afraid will get back to you on that(hubby on duty tonight) dose that make a difference to how things are done?
  12. well it would give a lead who to approach

    rmp - 1 rmp at div

    stc - 20x sps br direct
  13. I have only been in BFG for 3 months and have already claimed GYH(O). In short, if you are travelling on ferry you can claim MMA from home to Ferry port, the ferry ticket price, and MMA from destination ferry port to leave address (and return) to a maximum of £195 p.p.

    For example - I have two kids and I was given approx 530euro for travelling to the UK in my car via the Eurotunnel.

    Hope this helps, but agree with the remainder that you should really be getting this from your husbands admin office. GYH(O) should not be an issue for them as they should deal with it on a daily basis.
  14. Oh dear! If it is STC that is administrating you (your hubby) then I feel your pain.

    Been left there a few months now but have definitely 'been there, done that, got the t-shirt' with them.

    In the end, the (civi) RAO sorted out all of my problems after I mentioned that it wasn't going to look good arriving at my new unit with so many left-over admin fcuk-ups from them.

    There is one particular weak link in that office but I couldn't describe her as it's not very PC.
  15. If he is going to Afghan for 6 months then you are entitled to 2 x Concessionary Travel for Families (CFT) Warrants. This entitles your family to travel back to UK twice to see close family or have 2 members of your close family to visit you twice.

    You can make your own way to UK and claim back, or get the military to book your flights and provide you with rail warrants. Be aware though that if you go back to UK there is an absence deduction of LOA as both of you will be out of theatre at the same time.

    There are also limits on what you can claim back if you do go to UK and pay for it yourself, so it is best to find them out what these are prior to comitting to any travel arrangeaments.

    As said before you need to have an expectation of serving 12 months in Germany to be entitled to GYH(O), if your hubby is posted to Afghan on an OCE post but is coming back to Germany when his tour is over, that should be OK as far as I am concerned.

    Best of Luck