GYH(P), VOLSEP or...what?

Help needed from a ninja, please.
I wouldn't exactly describe myself as a 'Ninja' but ........

1. Plenty of help available here:

We (at work) are baffled. One of my guys is currently claiming VOLSEP (wife lives in MQ in UK) so he gets non-accruing LSA at Band 1, and he gets NIRS as well.

2. Specifically, look at Chapter 5, Section 1 - Paras 05.0117 to 05.01122

Question: is he entitled to anything else, like a GYH component, or is that covered by VOLSEP? Also, is he going about this the right way - he is now VOLSEP but was originally INVOLSEP so I think he may have simply changed from one to the other without understanding the implications.

3. This is explained fully in Chapter 5, Section 2. In short the answer is no with regard to the GYH component. That said, if the SP leaves his theatre of work to go on course in the same theatre that his wife resides (UK Main in this case) in, his Level 1 (non-accruing) LSA stops and he may be entitled to (GYH Same Theatre).

4. For information, you cannot ‘volunteer’ to be INVOLSEP. This status is caused when any SP leaves their normal theatre of work to go to another theatre (course, operations, exercise etc). This applies equally to the married and single. VOLSEP is exactly what is described on the tin – the full definition is found in the ‘Big Book of Free Cash’ that is JSP 752. In essence, it is where a SP VOLNTEERS to serve apart from his spouse. This attracts Level 1 (non-accruing) LSA and if over 37 – free digs. Food is at the SP’s expense in PAYD units and a reduced rate is deducted from the SoE in non-PAYD.

Is NI treated like a separate theatre still?

5. Yes and as you have pointed out, NIRS are paid to all irrespective of PSTAT to compensate.

Any help gratefully received - for any of my questions.
Just one thing to add to sunray's answer - all pay the full food charge at non PAYD units now - regardless of PStat Cat (Marital Status).

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