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I have recently been posted to my new unit. There are currently no SFA available and SSFA are at a premium a good distance away from camp.

My wife is ill and we have been told that we are a priority for an SFA on camp.

At this moment my wife is in the SFA at my previous unit approx 150 miles away and I am in the mess. I am not over 37 and wish to have an SFA at my new station ASAP.

Am I only entitled to bog standard GYH and nothing else. I need to travel home to my wife at weekends however I do not think that the GYH will cover my round trip every weekend per month.

Are there other things I should be claiming etc. I have no access to RLI at present.

Many thanks in advance.

If it is your personal choice to have an sfa on camp and not accept the ssfa they tried giving you then don't complain.

It was your decision to do 300 mile round trips every weekend when you were given something much closer.

If it was my spouse i'd have applied for a continuation at post or not refused the house they tried to give you.

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First of all who was complaining I was merely asking if there were any other allowances to which I was entitled.

Secondly there are no SSFA available within the 10 mile radius as per JSP 464.

There is an offer of one further away however as I mentioned my wife is ill. In the long run it is better to commute at the moment until an SFA is available than have the issue of having to drive further over a number of years if my wife takes a turn for the worst.

I have not refused any housing and as per JSP 464 if you refuse an SSFA then you are supposed to be granted an SFA within 28 days after your LTA.

You cannot continue in a post if your replacement has allready started.

Bit of advice read the post properly before gobbing off.
Are you on PAYD? if not make sure you book your absence every weekend on JPA - not much of a saving but always better in your pocket!!

paywog said:
Are you on PAYD? if not make sure you book your absence every weekend on JPA - not much of a saving but always better in your pocket!!

Quite right, every weekend you are away, put in leave, you must add an address and contact number though, the system will not let you input leave without it, that will generate a food refund.

If you stay on camp, make sure you input an absence, leave for food in unit, mainly for units that check standown leave for food, the RN do this as policy, not sure on other tri Service Units though, obviouly for non PAYD units only.
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