GYH(O) - Whats it all about?

I've just bought a house and the wife and kids will be going back and I'll be moving into the Mess. What are the financial pros and cons with going on the Over 37 package? Am I still likely to get MUSA or has that been replaced with GYH? I'm in BFG so how would GYH work out, all I've heard about is something to do with free flights. Can anyone help me out with any details/info. Many thanks!!!
No MUSA anymore, you will get LSA level 1 but it doesn't add onto your LSA Days.

GYH(O) is the leave scheme, and you will get actuals up to £120 per person for 1 leave journey.

Hope this helps
Sorry, forgot to say there are no free flights (that's what the LSA is for) and you will only get over 37 if you have turned 37 or are within 6 months of it on posting.

You won't get it if you are a year into your posting and you then turn 37. In that case you will have to get it on your next posting, or at least that used to be the rules. :eek:
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