GYH hasnt come through, AGAIN!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Wee_Jock_McPlop, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. I'm new to this blog stuff so here goes.

    I was told that i was able to claim for GYH (don't know which one) for i live 70 miles from my unit in a SFA (my wife's also army). But this has been going on for 7 months now and last month i was informed that the claim will be coming through in my next pay packet. But did it? No.

    I've looked high and low for the answer on the Net but i would like the answer in clear English so i don't have to fish through all the bones and nonsense.

    Can somebody give me some clear direction as to whether i am entitled to this and rate it is at so i get my facts right before i go into work and give them the good news!

    Thank you in advance
  2. Do you commute daily?

  3. I think the answer might be that GYH is not the approriate allowance, Residence to Place of Duty is the one you should be claiming.
  4. My wife is a a squadette too and I live about 17 miles from where I work and claim Home to Duty (HTD). If you live 70 miles from where you work then you are entiltled to just over £620 according to the JSP.

    Look at JSP 752 on the intranet at work or if you don't have access you can see it via Armynet. The above assumes that you don't have a room at your unit and commute every day.
  5. paddlewack, you assume correct. And i too assume that that amount is for the 7 months,yes?
  6. nope, per month.

    The entitlement if your SFA is 70 miles from your place of work is £20.79 per day every day of the month, including weekends. I think the rates are being revised in Apr.

    JSP 752, chapter 1, page 1-6-12.

    Are you on Armynet? if so, print of the relevant chapters and take them to your HR but don't go in guns blazing as you can't expect anyone to memorise a JSP. Just point it out to them and I am sure they will help you out.
  7. Yes i've been on it. You've been a great help! Cheers
  8. Isn't HTD capped at 50 miles, or has it changed to 70 miles?
  9. I thought it was capped at 50 miles but can go up to 70 miles for special circumstances ie compassionate. Must be staffed through JPC for authority though.
  10. From the JSP:

    01.0248. Residence at Work Address (RWA). A residence occupied by a
    Service person from which they commute to and from their place of duty on a daily basis without detriment to the satisfactory performance of their military duties. A RWA is normally within 50 miles or 90 minutes travelling time by public transport of the duty station.

    The above basically says that you should live within 50 miles of your place of work or your performance may suffer. It doesn't say it is capped and in the case of WJM he is sharing a SFA with his service wife so hasn't elected by choice to live more than 50 miles away.

    I am not AGC(SPS) so not a subject matter expert but have just interpreted what is written in the JSP. Its there for everyone to read and interpret. I am sure he will be able to claim in retrospect as he is claiming for something within the 6 years (also written in the JSP :wink: )

    Edited to add: Apparently JPAC have to authorise it once it is put on the system.