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I have recently been posted to Germany, and own a property in the UK, which I am paying council tax for. If I was in the UK and posted away from my property I would be entitled to travel assistance to enable me to visit the afore mentioned property, however on my arrival at my new unit I was informed that this would not be the case as I was in Germnay - however I belive GYH allowences have recently been reviewed (yes Im sad and read the DINS about it), however I am unsure as to wether I am entiltled to anything. Could anyone shed some light on this matter for me or point me in the right direction as to where i might find some relevant information - the people in the admin office thus far keep telling me I need to speak to someone else, who never seems to answer his phone.

Thanks in anticipation


The information you have been given is correct. GYH(SA) is only applicable to eligible personnel based in the UK and under JPA rules the same is true.

If you haven't already speak to your Local Authority for a reduction in your Council Tax whilst the property is empty.
Sluice, I know what you mean. I don't think the ruling is fair as it was designed so that you could "check" your property once a month as well as reside there at weekends and leave but you can easily do that from Germany in my eyes, in fact it probably quicker and cheaper for me to get home from Germany than my current location in the UK but its just one of those rules.

And as for the council tax, i was only aware of a discount if you were living alone - 25% discount - but if you are like many others and have a partner living there (but still responsible for the council tax etc) then you wont get anything back.
You will only be eligable for the German leave travel system mate.

You should speak to your local council in the UK re getting a rebate for Poll ooops 'Council Tax'. My Bird managed to get single persons discount for the 6 months I am on an op for.
I'm in exactly this position, and my cost of travelling to the UK even once a month comfortably exceeds my entire LOA! Apparently there is a process whereby complaints and suggestions on allowances can be passed up the chain for consideration and comment. Can anyone shed light on this? Are the answers likely to be the same sort that are published in Soldier magazine each month, eg "NO"?
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