GYH Allowance?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Just_John, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows how much the allowance gets you. I live in single accomidation on cam, and have a house with my girlfriend 162miles from work (one way). My name is one the council tax which costs £114 a month. I know i can claim money for travelling to my home on the weekends and wil do so when i return to work after Christmass leave. Just wanted a heads up on what it will get me. ill it cover my fuel as it costs me apx 200 a month for fuel alone. John
  2. once i get an internet connection that will allow a large item to be opened im sure it'll be what im after- cheers! John
  3. Do you own the house?????? if you rent you can't get GYH(T), if owned the rates were published in Aug 08 by letter from SP Pol, your HR will have them.
  4. Thganks alot- i lost use of the internet so sorry for the delay but as you can imagine ive sorted it now anyway. thanks again
  5. He most certainly can!
  6. Hi there

    Both my husband and I are members of the forces, but based in different areas. My husband already claims GYH and I was wondering if I was also eligible for it. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. So long as you have a family home or PMP to travel to, of course. If however, you have the quarter and he claims to come back to the quarter, you can not claim to go see him in his single bunk at the same time, no :)
  8. Thanks, thats great news as we do have a family home well away from work !!
  9. Just so you have something to take to your admin office:

    05.0209. Service Couples. If both members of a Service marriage or civil partnership (PStat Cat 1s/5s) are not collocated and both occupy SLA or Substitute Service Single Accommodation (SSSA) at their respective permanent duty stations, the accommodation occupied by the Cat 1s partner will be designated the Service couple’s family home. Where, however, the Service couple own or rent a property in which they would normally reside, except when unable to do so for Service reasons, this property may be classed as the family home for both members and each may claim GYH Travel to that property provided all of the criteria are met.