GYC Seniority (pff!)


Quick question in the hope someone might know!

I did a GYC a couple of years ago, and remember being told whilst at RMAS that this would qualify us for 6 months seniority, providing we served at least that amount.

Now having transferred to the TA, does this mean I would be eligable for promotion to Lt after 18 months rather than 24, obviously after completeing trade training? If so, would anyone happen to have any idea where in TA regs I could find the relevant schpeel.

Many thanks, from a sponging student keen for an extra few quid!

GYC counts for 6 months seniority in regular army, so i guess it would be the same for the bet, phone your desk officer


I think the six months seniority is in terms of pay, not time served. Such as those with a four year degree over us 3 year degree officers, they get an extra six months seniority on us, which effectivelymeans their pay rise will come six months sooner than ours; they won't make lieutenant or captain before us
Nickhere said:
Such as those with a four year degree over us 3 year degree officers, they get an extra six months seniority on us

I didn't know about this. Well I already seem to have an advantage with my 4 year undergrad, but how does a PhD fit into the equation?


Hey lads,

At a recent RMAS Fam visit I was told that they had more or less gotten rid of GYC's, Funding issues apparently.

Any definate word on this?




If you did GYC a couple of years ago, how long have you got left at UNi? You only have to wait 24 months if you have not graduated. Graduates can be confirmed and promoted after a year. I was.


I was in the same situation a few years ago. The answer is in TA regs but i'm not sure of the reference at the moment. The gist is that once you transfer to a type A commision (that's not the UOTC) the GYC counts for a years seniority and so you should pick up at the end of your first, probabtionary year. Obviously this requires the appropriate paper work to be done, the chain of command to be aware of the matter and Glasgow to pull their finger out... mine was eleven months late in appearing but it does make for a nice wedge of back pay.

Hope this helps.


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