Gwynne or Gwynneth - Who Remembers This "Chap"?

Discussion in 'REME' started by ExPara, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. When I was in Cyprus, CREME didn't like me and I didn't like him. Pity that because he was a LtCol and I wasn't! I knew why he didn't like me - something to do with the wings. I just couldn't wotk out why I disliked him with a passion. Anyway, now I know:


  2. Scary!!!!!! Maybe you were the victim of it's PMT and wanting to be "I'm a Lady".
  3. Bloody Hell fire - and damnation.
  4. He/she is going to be CO of the new 8Bn Reme, with Joe/Joanne Rushton as the RSM!

    Makes you wonder what's in the water at Arborfield... it would go a long way to explaining the entire group of Tech tradepersons... we had one at 10AB in 91 who had breasts - something to do with his hormones, he got posted to 20Electonic Wksp aka wierdo central.
  5. Er Rifleman69, is that an L42 A1 in your avater?
    I have just been offered one complete in it's case for £'s a sh1t!
  6. I have worked with this chap...lady... on an IT project. Despite trying to extract some comments on her/his military past I could get nothing. It was an odd experience given that she towered over me as I only stand full height at 5'6 .... she had very larger hands and feet !
  7. Did you get pulled?
  8. No, you've got it all wrong, no-one liked you :wink:
  9. 04-10-2005
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  10. My-other-time-machine-sm.jpg
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  11. Fortunately not!!! Her size 12 stilettos were to scary
  12. Really?

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