GWOT more expensive than Vietnam!

Ok, perhaps not that amazing, but if you'd like to know more, click here and read all about it.

I particularly like the way the document references all the way back to the War of Independence...

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Congress has appropriated more than $800 billion for military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere around the world, including $65 billion to cover costs for the first few months of FY2009. Almost as soon as the next administration takes office, the military services are expected to submit requests for additional funds — quite possibly $100 billion or more — to cover costs of overseas operations and of repairing and replacing worn equipment through the remainder of the fiscal year.
Prox, this is the cost of not dealing with this problem for almost 30 years. Granted that following is said in hindsight, but let's be honest you can trace this current problem back to 1979 (probably earlier but that would be before my time).

This started with Carter, and his complete and utter incompetence dealing with Iran, the over throw of the Shah, the hostage situation and the subsequent rise of the Islamic State. Not to mention trying to do to the USSR what they did to us in Vietnam, covert funding of Afghanistan.

Reagan did his part by leaving Lebanon after the 1983 Marine Barracks bombing, which was more then likely backed by Iran in one way or another. Continued to allow covert operations in Afghanistan. Not to mention the lack of immediate action after Klinghoffer episode and Pan-Am 103. The only thing he did get right was smacking Gaddafi after the La Belle bombing in W. Berlin (I was in that disco the day before).

Bush (the elder) shafted the Shite Iraqis in southern Iraq after GW1, took his eye off Afghanistan during the rise of the Taliban after the USSR withdrew.

Clinton continued the mistakes of Bush (the elder) and added insult to injury by allowing Saddam to thumb his nose at UN resolutions, UBL to leave the Sudan after having him offered up, and retreating from Somalia. That coupled with the fact that he didn't do anything of any substance after the first WTC attack, the Embassy bombings in Africa the Khobar and other bombing in Saudi Arabia and the attack on the USS Cole.

Here we are many Billions later and that is just a drop in the bucket...the next shoe to drop is Iran, as well as the continued strife in Afghanistan.

There are many billions to follow, that I am sure of.
There goes the wah then................................... :(


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box-of-frogs said:
There goes the wah then................................... :(
Did you honestly expect anyone to fall for that :D

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