GWAs, Useful members of society or weak gened pis and biscs

I know what a popular topic this is in the Army, being a GWA myself, just wanted to here the thaughts of others?

Keep them funny as well as nasty :)

Interesting GWA based anecdotes and jokes accepted!
As someone who has slept with a large number of GWA's I am a qualified GRO - Ginger Recognition Officer. And I can clearly state that he true smell of ginger (with two hard gees), is not piss, car-park stair-wells or anything else uriney, it is in fact a delicate combination of Twiglets and stale cigarette ends.
i have a happy memory of a gwar friend on a recent ex playing CIVPOP... After a day of playing a dead and bleeding all over the place we all as a group decided to get f*cked three ways to the weekend at the bar at sennybridge...

After numerous drinking games later most fo us stumbled back to out allocated billets and got into out gonk bags.

Much to my amusement I couldnt sleep, so twenty minutes later when the aforementioned GWAR stepped into the room he proceeded to walk over to the corner, unzip his pants and take a slash that could fill a swimming pool, unfortunatly it seemed that the target of said swimming pool contents were infact the senior members of the directing staff... infact, thinking about it, I don't think there were any NCOs below the rank of WO2, or any officers below the rank of Maj!!!!!

It once occured to a few of us that the the RAF Police had an unusually high proportion of GinGers conpared with the rest of the RAF. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Also, is there a qualitative difference between GWA birds, and red-headed birds? Examples are as follows:

1. GWA- Bonnie Langford
2. Red-head Nicole Kidman

Indeed, is it possible for a bird to be gwa on one occasion and red-headed on another? I'm thinking of Lindsey Lohan, in particular.

I'm confused. I'm off to get another beer from the fridge.
GRO's Response:-

GWA, redhead, strawberry blonde, harvest gold, autumn sunrise, ggingger, carrot-top, duracell-head, etc are all different names for the same thing. As long as there's a hint of twiglets and fag-butts you'll what you're dealing with.

And don't be deceived by the hair on the head... in one of my encounters with an odd-smelling blonde, there was no surprise when I found the pubic equivalent of Chris Evans hidding in her knickers.

Other clues: -
Pale, pasty skin - unless the sun has been shining for more than 5 minutes in which case severe sunburn followed by blistering.
Freckles - no, not the game.
A certain paleness to the nipples - granted you can't use this ID feature in TESCO's.
I hold a bit of a burning flam for old miss lohan....even if she does look like a heroin addict at the moment with her blonde locks...


why does their hair smell so bad?
Gingers are weird.


Q IS it safe for me to dye my pubic hair? My boyfriend has a real thing about women with ginger hair and as a surprise for his birthday I was thinking about dyeing my head hair and pubic hair. (My natural colour is mousey blonde).

But a friend told me that pubic hair is a different texture from head hair and I'd have to bleach it first to get any colour to take. Do you think hair salons would be prepared to do it?

Click here for the answer. Halfway down the page...
the_matelot said:
Why are Gwa's always SO angry?
We're not you fcuking cnut! Now wind yer neck in!
thanks M_F and now the whole world knows. although im still trying to work out who you are

He signs his posts Vonny_B
He is presently in the USA just like the bloke they call Vonny_B
He has spent a long time talking about differnt cuts of suit and salmon pink shirts in the officers Forum........

It might just be Vonny_B
im sorry - for not being an arrse addict - i just haven't read everything 5 times over. thank you for the annonymous tipoff rich

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