Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 1_reeper, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. Am i ill ? I have a real fascination with red heads at the moment. do they stink of piss and does there love juice taste of battery acid ? Anybody got any piccys of flame haired beauty's ? :oops:
  2. Not ill just lazy.

    Go and google some stink of piss grot you bone idle spanker.

    Or you could try the search button if google is too much effort.
  3. Arrse
    Not as funny as it used to be
  4. I'm a gwar

    Do you want to come and taste my love juice?

    You will have to supply your own lube, FMB's for me (size 10, male) and a selection of roll mats and 3 Para Mortars gimp masks. If you can do that, I'm all yours sweety.

    PS, I hope you don't mind the fact that I am a 16 stone tattooed skinhead, I find that this sometimes creates an issue when I am trawling the web looking for fresh meat.
  5. 1. I'm lazy
    2. any holes a goal
  6. A bit like Viz with less creative hecklers
  7. Indeedy :D
  8. Any pictures of ginger haired lovelies? I've looked for years mate, but sorry, no can do.
  9. Bugger :(
  10. Gwars are ace. I don't actually let my dog be an Orange Roan, I dye him that way. Sometimes I wake him up in the night and say to him "Wake up you tool, I am dyeing you "Speshul Sunshine" today.

    He tried to growl at me once and I took a shovel to his head. He's in the green bin if you need the rest of his body parts. I'm keeping the skull.

    Yours, Dale.
  11. Now she's legal, you're telling me you wouldn't?


    If you are, then you are gayer than a Marine at a rolled up sponge and baby oil convention
  12. Aunty:

    I'm legal, are you telling me you would?
  14. Of course I would.

    You are a supporter of Rock Apes and therefore deserve to be fcuked at all times.

    Although I must admit that the thought of slipping my manly goodness into your no doubt well shaved and bleached anus does fill me with horny delight.
  15. [​IMG]

    You know you would.Despite her being ever so slightly red on top.