GWARs to be extinct, according to science...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, May 20, 2005.

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  1. Love those scientists who take time out from finding a cure for cancer to look into important stuff..

    " If predictions by the Oxford Hair Foundation come to pass, the number of natural redheads everywhere will continue to diminish until there are none left by the year 2100"...

    "...The reason, according to the scinetists at the independent institute in England, which studies all sorts of hair problems, is that just 4% of the world's population carries the red-hair gene..which is recessive..."

    " the red hair gene will dilute and become rare, but there are other factors that can change hair colour..."

    So.. 95 years from now, give or take, and the world will be a better place...for some...
  2. Wasnt this the same kind of time frame they were talking about for there being no natural blondes left as well?
  3. My nephew is a GWAR just born, my heart weap for the poor guy. IT wasnt a shocker that he was a GWAR as his mother and father are GWARS. Does this mean that when he is 95 and one of the sole GWARS on the plant he will be famous or will he be ridiculed for what he is a GWAR.
  4. Ridiculed, I'm afraid.
  5. I dunno. For some strange reason people like redheads over here in the states.
  6. Best I start my rebreeding programme in earnest!!
  7. so come on then you girls, think of the humanity of saving us gwars.

    " have sex with a gwar" :lol: you know you want to really :lol:
  8. Every week it's a new line, eh c_c...? :D :lol:
  9. still begging though :x :wink:
  10. I sh@gged a gwar and it smelt funny. No wonder they're dying out. :D
  11. How long had she been dead for? :twisted:
  12. I was boffing a gwar chick for a while - the oddest thing about it was that she had no clitoris that either of us could find. Oh, and her head was a deep ruddy gwar, but her pubes were light orange :D
  13. Funky,

    That only happened once. I thought that my drunken performance (or lack of) had bored her to sleep. little did I know that I'd choked her to death. :D
  14. Shagged a gwar for a while, she was a top shag..... couldn't work out why she stored a bag of grated carrots in her panties though!
  15. I've heard this one about the blondes too. I also read in one paper a while ago that the Italian Race is dying out in Italy because their birth rate is so low.

    Hopefully soon they'll be no GWARs and no blondes and us Grey Haired old feckers will be quite a delicacy