gwars forming trade union

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by squigeypie, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. just heard that serving ginger stinky gwars are forming a union after a number of them have reported being called a " come on you ginger b@stard" on assult courses.

    this cant possibly be true are they just jumping on the band wagon?
  2. Aparently they're complaining about being treated like 4th class soldiers, somewhere behind the F&C.

    Well they are.

    Did I mention that they smell like foxes' piss too.
  3. Back off the pair of ya :threaten:

    I'm currently tubbing a gwar and it's fecking great - no eau de vixen or marmite flavoured snacks.... :hump:

    In fact, i'm off for a thrap just thinking about it... :tp:
  4. Foxes' urine is most arousing, don't knock it....
  5. Is there a ginger MP prepared to sacrifice his career in order to bring it to the attention of the house?
  6. Anyone noticed what "ginger" is an anagram of? I'm a bad, bad man!
  7. You are a dirty, dirty man.
    Just sit quietly, the gentlemen with white coats are on their way.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    He's desperate...Been a long,dry season!
  9. Why are they called GWAR's is it some sort of Military Abbreviation?

    I know I've left myself open for some stick now but wen I joined we were issued with Standard NATO issue 8mm Skin, for the use of.

    Pip Pip

  10. I think it's just and abbreviation of "gingwar"...although why "ginger" mutated into gingwar I couldn't tell you....

    I love gwars...I started going bald when I was 23...pretty harsh but whenever I saw one of those pale skinned, purple arsed feckers I always used to take comfort and think well, it could be worse!!
  11. Im assuming your a Gingwar too and that was why you were happy to be going bald at 23. There is a self Help Group called GA. You know the drill ....My name is Legal Eagle (insert name) and Im a ginger. It works on a set of traditions and steps. Have a look perhaps you might get well a day at a time lol.

    Cheers for info on the GWAR name though.

    Pip pip
  12. GWA - Ginger with Attitude


    GWAR - ginger, wet and rusty
  13. does her collar mattch her cuffs?
  14. is it gering, riggen no cant see it