gwarry gwitter--fwee years-verdict

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mcreature, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Oh Dear,how sad,--never mind. :D
  2. Should have been more.
  3. He says it is a conspiracy by 'You know who'. I don't know who - Schweppes maybe ?

    Glad I am not in his gang.
  4. PS-The power of the press,--if it wasn't for them,the nonce would have got a much lesser sentence(paid off victims with equiv. of 1 weeks UK wages)---International interest obviously placed pressure on Viet Nam gov. to be seen to do the bizz.(at one time he was recognised as one of the great "tongue in cheek" rock shows)--The global village is shrinking,the rule of decency will catch up in the end.--GOTCHA!
  5. Absolutely. It is heartbreaking to see how cheaply life is regarded in some parts of the world, but at least he's not been let off for paying the blood-money. I sincerely hope that at some stage in his life he suffers some of the pain and degradation that his victims have been subjected to.
  6. From the NineMSN website today:

    My bold. Three years will not fix this this sad fukc.
  7. Unfortunately, the news was saying that he could be out by Christmas as he has already done 3 months and he is up for parole after 1 year. Mind you, Special Branch want a chat with him when he lands back in the UK, so that will be an interesting chat!
  8. That all depends Birdie. Personally, I'm hoping that he comes out of it like Christopher Walken in The Deer Hunter.
  9. I really think that we should offer Mr Glitter our sympathy.
    He obviously has a deep seated psychological problem brought on by a traumatic childhood. Gary needs understanding and treatment by a counsellor rather than this punitive punishment by the courts and press. It is only by understanding Garys problem that we can help him through these difficult times.
    I have wriiten to the relevant authorities with my views and have offered a safe haven for Gary should they release Gary into my care.

    Due to my professional life and social and commitments I will not be able to tend to and support Gary for the 24hrs and 7 days a week that will be necessary. Therefore, I will be seeking assistance with this undertaking. If any members of this site wish to volunteer to assist Gary with his needs then please PM me with your details.

    I am sure that with the right care and consideration using the best of motivational techniques we can turn this poor unfortunate lost soul into a complete gibbering wreck with no wish to carry on his pathetic little life any longer. Couple this with a carelessly mislaid rope and we together could bring Garys torment to a close. :twisted:
  10. Hope he catches something deadly in jail.
  11. Like a misplaced machete 'chanced upon' in his skull.
  12. Ahh, chaps. Three years of sliding down a razor blade using his bollocks as a brake might be more appropriate. Sad thing is, come three years time (assuming he actually serves the whole sentence) he'll be back in Merry Ye Olde Blighty doing the same thing again - to be rewarded with community service no doubt.

    Anyway, PTP tells me there is an unwritten rule that forbids the talking of paedophilia in the Current Affairs board - apparently we always degenerate into a slanging match about how to deal with this pondlife. It also brings out 'paedo-friendly' members of our community who wish to see what we talk about.

    Because of this, I'm willing to wager this topic wont last long before it's lifted.
  13. And there is me, assuming the sad ferker would receive the death penalty!

    Bastard certainly deserves it!
  14. I'm kinda having a vision of Gary submerged in rat infested bamboo cage in some God forsaken rice paddy. He will be brought out once a day for exercise which will comprise of Russian Roulette with Ian Huntley and his ilk.

    Oh if only Viet Nam wasn't so westernised theses days!
  15. I would like to start a petition that asks for Gary Glitter to serve his sentence in a US max security jail, sharing a cell with everyones special friend Bubba - playing mammas and pappas for the next 3 years!

    With a bit of luck he would become a plaything for the Aryan Brotherhood and Latinos as well!

    The movie shall be "Gadd's Redemption!"