GWAR publicity

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. I'd rather not open an anonymous tinyurl link, thank you very much.
  2. You're ginger, aren't you?
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    "The attacks were said to have originally been inspired by an episode of South Park that aired in November of 2005"

    People are nutting Gingers it would seem. Twas ever thus. Google 'Offas Dyke' (no, different sort of dyke).

    Mind you, the sexual tension between Gimli and the tall blond fairy in Lord of the Harry Potter and the Haunted Coat was a bit stimulating.

    You'd have to shave them at the end of he day. Then boil them.
  4. no, but you're a cnut if you open links like that, once caught out, twice shy.

    Just for the record, me hairs white. :cry:
  5. You jammy git you've got hair :twisted:
  6. South Park, "Ginger kids are vile and disgusting!!" Funny as hell!!
    South Park
  7. From the Gwardian, article by Douglas Haddow

    unrelated? I think not...
  8. The best line from that article.

    "Since their genes were decoded in 1997, gingers, once regarded as vampiric by their oppressors, are now dismissed as mere genetic defects doomed to eventual extinction."

    See it's true. Science says they are genetic defects.
  9. Speaking of GWAR publicity has anyone noticed the sheer number of them appearing in TV ads of late?

    The current Maltesers ad features an entire busload of them. Furthermore the ad features mainly kids which proves that they BREED. Oh the horror!

    I strongly suspect that there are people who consider themselves "sexy brown" or "strawberry blonde" running some kind of ginge-ad type agency in the city.