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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by GrumbleWeed, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. No unless there gwars

  2. yes because there gwars

  1. I met an unfortunate couple who had triplets recently- WHO WERE ALL GINGER. When i met the said little cretins, i discovered that not only were they carrott headed, but they had the sort of faces that you would only associate with a bad RTA. Unfortunately i could not help myself and burst out laughing, which resulted in a massive grolly flying out of my mouth and landing onto aformentioned mong (X3) like a mortar. In front of me were natures cruellest joke- in a three pack- and now with a killer greeny to boot.
    Am i the only one to find ginger kids amusing?

    Assistant Mushroom
    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  2. were you in the same asda as me this afternoon??

    it was like walking behind 4 baliesha (sp) beacons!
  3. dont even start on supermarket kids-
    i saw the other day- a group of raspberry kids in tesco- trying to gum the grapes- i was laughing so hard i dropped my basket!!
  4. Grumbleweed, you would have been forgiven and probably decorated if you had gone out to the roadside, picked up a flag stone and dropped it on them.

    Gingers are worse than mongs, they are grumpy, firey cheats. Low morals and are generally thieves and burglars

    If I was Priminister I would levy a hefty Ginger tax on the guilty ones and see them all made to lives life of misery.

    next time you visit, put your thumb in the soft bit of skin in the tops of thier heads and push in until thier eyes roll back :D

  5. says the man that owes me............................. :D How much is it now fatty? :D
  6. sounds like a fun idea

    maybe we could get tesco to employ snipers near the fruit isle to stop gummy mongs trying to suck the fruit

    like a fruit special forces thing
  7. When the kids at school boot the football at the smaller kids, its always double points for a ginge
  8. Don't mince your words MDN, say what you think! Seems someone's touched a nerve there, lose your pay to a ginger weasel or something?
  9. MDN i think that comment is your finest hour mate. Your going directly to hell. I have to admit to laughing histerically whilst reading it. Save a cushion of hot coals for me mate.

  10. one fun thing i've found to do with a ging- is to take one running and watch it turn from a pasty white fraggle into having a face like a bum berry! it truly is a remarkable transition.
  11. that is truly fantastic!
  12. Hey Herr Doktor where dod you get my old school pics??

    Guys you know we gingers are the master race. Our genes are that strong that a fertile women who passes within 100m of our swimmers will have a gwa kid!!!
  13. NEWS BREAK!!!!

    "Due to the recent ban on fox hunting, the rise in the popullation of Gwars is said to increase 1000 fold in the next 2 years".

    Hunt the Fox and stop this epidemic from occuring :lol:

    PS The wolrd will smell nicer too :)
  14. Apparently the reason why gingers are hated so much, is because judas esacariot was one.

    Personally I think it's the other way around :lol: