GWAR Genocide

Sky News reporting on the banning of a music video potraying what can best be described as 'Death To All Gwars' 8O,_Defended_By_Actor

The video link is on that page or here:

Video's over 8 minutes long and is a pretty good production imho. Features facist US mil/Police, gwars getting shot/blown up and what seems to be the 'Gwar IRA'... 8O possibly NSFW...maybe.

Mind you...the old bill needed those resis...imagine the stench of fox piss :lol:
Brightened up my Sunday anyhow.
There is some hope for someone who was castigated by my old drill Sgt., as "Bloodnut you Cant!" And subsequently known as "Ginge" for the rest of my service. I do still have a full head of hair....admittedley more white than coloured.....but hey.......seen some of my old dark haired chums a bit thin on top! Maybe that's why they are so jealous?

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