Gwahs you wouldn't say no to....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 10, 2002.

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  1. For Doh-Nut......


    Kay Burley, Sky News.


    Gillian Anderson
  2. I would'nt say any of them two were 'GINGER'.....

    I'd say top one has a burgandy hint and the 2nd one has moussy brown hair..... ???
  3. Top one yeah but Gillian Anderson looks like a train crash

    top one isn't natural hair colour

    Don't post Nicole Kidman, shes heavin too

    Why not post some latin, central american looking totty, dark skin, dark hair
  4. Top one looks older and looks like she's had about 3 face and cheekbone lift's.... :-X

    Sorry...Wo'nt interfere anymore, will let you's crack on ;)
  5. Yeah but shes got the Kind of Linda Lusardi look, would have to give her one for making the effort ;D
  6. MDN, So your in to the Salma Hayek or whatever her name is look a likes, latino ;)

    Old Svens missus must get your ba!!s trembling then ;D
  7. Would have given sven missus one if she was a bit younger, gums starting to go black etc

    Salma gets my vote

    Also like the Half Thai thing too.... Tera Patrick now theres a woman
  8. So MDN, you're into dark sultry types! No wonder us Celts don't stand a chance!  :'(

    Out of interest MDN, what do you look like?
  9. Progigal

    Like an adonis, but with a bigger hampton ;D

    But dont try & pull me, your sorcery frightens me to death, well that coupled with your bright ginger barnett
  10. Sorry Prodigal only just picked up on this

    You have ginger hair
    a potential witch
    what concerns me more is that your a jock too ;D

    Oh dear, just dialling the death squads.....
  11. Hah! Death Squads! I laugh in the face of Death Squads!!

    I'm only half jock - the rest is English, German and Irish (and I was born and raised a colonial). In fact, thinking about it, I was brought up with witchdoctors in the vicinity.......

    Anyway, I bet you only like the Thai types because you think they're submissive.......what about a woman who challenges you?!!
  12. Prod you've got me all wrong

    I Like Tera Patrick because she is a red hot pornstar & could suck start a Harley Davidson.

    Jock, German & Irish, Ginger stop, stop stop

    You may be entitled to a government payout for the underpriveledged ;D
  13. >*choke*<

    a Harley Davidson hey?!  OooooKaayy, I'll take your word for it.........!

    oooooohhhhh, Govt handouts, wouldn't mind some of them!!

    Anyway, how can you have a deep meaningful relationship with a video screen?!
  14. My relationship is going strong but not with the video screen. Its with Pam and her five tall slim sisters ;D

    Shes not the only lady in my life, just my favourite

    Been on to the death camps they've got you a room, one night only, followed by trial & summary execution for crimes involving being a boxhead and a ginger jock ;D