Guys with Dolls

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FARMBOY, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Did anyone see that bit of quality TV last night on Channel 5 concerning men who had purchased life like lady dolls.

    Pure quality, until I mentioned infront of the missus that most blokes would probably get one if the price came down from $6000. I then had to back track and pretend how sad that would be, or face the full wrath of the she monster. I am a coward, I know.

    What I couldn't understand was why you would bother buying clothes for the doll?
  2. The thing that got me was the lot of 'em sat round the table with party hats on their bonces. Cracked me up.
  3. Missed it, I was busy with a puncture repair kit.
  4. I also loved that "social worker type" potential girlfriend who was getting all new age and baggy cardigan about how the dolls would not affect their relationship!! One week later she's off!!

    What about the bloke using a Ken Dodd tickling stick to "clean out" the muck from his doll? That was the point where my she monster went beserk, especially when I said that she shouldn't knock it till she's tried it.

    Sometimes Channel 5 really get it right.
  5. are you gay :? or have a personality problem :D
  6. Mrs Rebel came down to see if I was alright as I got a fit of laughing at the guy and frankly could not stop. Class TV lets have more of the same.
  7. Can you fist their ass?
  8. I believe that you can "fist their ass" although the latex will not have the "muscle memory" of a natural anal sphincter and therefore would provide a constant and physically challenging experience - unlike the slack natural version.

    I believe this to be so as told to me by a good friend.
  9. I tried one of these 'blow up dolls' years ago. I took it back to the shop in disgust. I said the the salesman. 'First, its bald and second, it's got a big prick'. He took a look and said, 'You've got it inside out Sir'. Was my face red.
  10. was it the one where the bloke had a special 'shagging swing' set up in his bedroom so he could give Dolly a knee trembler :?
  11. Talk a lot they heifers, do they? ;)
  12. caught something similar on channel 4 included bonkers yanks one had a glock an AK with a drum mag and assorted blades as well lived with mother.
    Anyone say potential mass killer :roll:
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I got the new Iraqi bhurka-clad doll from my local sex shop the other week. Could I inflate it? Could I fcuk!

    I spent hours trying to pump it up, all with no result - one flaccid doll.

    I took it back to the shop, told them it was fcuked and demanded a refund.

    The bloke just looked at me like I was thick. He said "Sir, this is the Iraqi Doll, it blows itself up!"
  14. Not as much as the sheep :)