Guys, (especially Paras) I need your help.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Grey_Fox, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. Right well, since my rents found out that i am serious about joining the army (hopefull para) when i left the date of my BARB test on the table, they have changed their tune on my joining. Saying that i wouldn't fit in as basically i'm not a violent nutcase who goes to the pub to fight...
    Now i know that that is a stupid and largely false stereotype right!?
    But they don't see that. So, those of you who have joined i can bet that the large percentage of you do NOT have criminal convictions right? Nor are you insane or high school dropouts. So what can i do/say to try change their minds, it seems that alot of people are trying to talk me out of joining because of what they "read and see on the TV".

    Basically i want your opinion on how they/you are and that army life is actually pretty damn good right? Positives and negatives!?

    Cheers guys.
  2. Hiya m8 im one interview and selection away from para CIC now, if you havent been on the para insight course i recommend it! You make loads of m8s meet some paras n all! They are a good laugh and arent thugs as your parents seem to think, and on my insight course everyone was far from being least 7 of them were 20 odd yrolds with degrees and a posh accent to boot lol so no worries m8 if you want to do it DO IT!
  3. If you want to join 3 Para you have to be Homosexual.
  4. Don't worry about not being a violent nutcase who goes down the pub for a fight.

    You will be taught everything you need to know during training....... then when you get to your Battalion your continuation training will take care of anything you need to polish up on.
  5. nicely put lol
  6. Is there any other reason to go to the pub?
  7. i did drop out of 6th form and college both after 1 year mind :S and some people may say im insane :twisted: but who isnt!
  8. To become Airborne you must want to become Airborne. Hard yes it is hard if it wasn't we would not be the best. You not only have to be strong in body but also in mind, you have to earn the right to become a member of the Maroon Machine it is not given.

    I may be Old and Bold, but i am still AIRBORNE.
  9. Yes i am out of 2 years of college with 60 UCAS points due to just not taking A levels seriously! And Beer of course! They aren't going to stop me joining as it is what i am set on doing, I'd just rather i didn't leave on a bad note and them thinking what they do!

    But also it's to make firm in my mind 100% that it is the best thing for me! But all my family are saying can you not do something less risky in the army or having friends in the Marines trying to sway me to them instead.....
  10. It's only natural for your parents to worry,dont let them put you off.

    Go for it and good luck,

    PS: I know a good place to hide the bodies :D :D
  11. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me
  12. dude i left after a year and i got more than 60 ucas points lol EPIC FAIL!
  13. Bet you don't have a chit to say you're insane....I do.
  14. i said people 'may' :twisted: and good for you :D
  15. That's bollocks the whole 'you need to be a violent insubordinate c.unt to join the Reg' business. You know who will tell you that? People who've never been in the Reg, probably not even the Army at all. I got told I wouldnt fit in cos I was too much of a nice guy (by an ex Army bloke) and all that before I joined and trust me, as long as you can do the job and do it to a high degree you'll do just fine. Half the time it's the 'Pub Paratroopers' ie the 'gobshites and dramas on the piss' that have difficulty getting on anyhow.

    Oh and there are more blokes cutting about the Reg with a bit of Uni education under their belt than you'd think, albeit incomplete (I did half a Management degree before I chucked it in cos working in an office is for mugs). We're not all high school drop outs and Borstal vets you know.