Guy martin crash at the isle of man TT.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by bmal, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. lucky lucky bastard.

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  2. Should not have been going so fast......SPEED KILLS daft twat!
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  3. Erm................... it's a race!!
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  4. What - On a public road?
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  5. Brilliant!
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  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    It seems Guy is pulling through ok, hope the hospital does not run out of tea...... :D

    Incidently, if anyone is interested in vintage road racing, this place: has the biggest meet in Europe in mid-August.

  7. Errmmmm, no. On a closed circuit as it happens. The roads used for the race circuit are closed to the public during the races ;)
  8. Genuine question - You have heard of the TT haven't you?
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  9. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    It's the 100th Anniversary of the Mountain Course next year (TT 2011). Get over there for a seriously good week out!
  10. Going over next month for the Rally. Two wheels are for gayers (sorry guy).
  11. Booked my ferry ticket last week!
  12. haha, you gotta love the guy, 5 hours later he was giving t.v interviews and necking tea.

    i would love to go out there, looks a great week.

    anyone know the lap record for a car? i was having this discussion last night, fastest lap for a bike is an average speed of 131mph, balls of steel needed!
  13. There is no finer bike racing in the world, anywhere.
    Its not cheap, the Isle of Man SteamRacket company more than double ferry prices for the TT and hotels generally double their rates too but unless you go grandstand the racing is free.

    Next year I'm taking the car (which is cheaper on the ferry than 2 bikes???) and camping.
    Last year the mountain was closed about 10 hours on MadSunday alone due to accidents and the only decent ay to get a lap or two of the circuit is to head our about 5.30am.
    Car and tent for me next year, the racing will be just as good even if I'm not sitting in sweaty leathers :D
    As I said, if you like bikes and road racing, there is no finer place on the planet than the Isle of Man on TT race week.
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    This is the rapid onset of old age - next year you will be in a luxury mobile home.......

    Why not put the bikes in the back of your van along with camping gear, a BBQ and 2000 beers?
  15. Ahhh well, there's a story to that.
    I haven't got a bike licence. The DVLA acknowledge I passed my test 6 years or so ago (15 years after taking up riding litre plus bikes) and although they have my pass certficate they claim I never sent it to them.
    They won't give me my bike category back despite a two year argument and to be honest I can't really be arsed to do the whole test process again.

    I'm afriad I'm a victim of the "We never make mistakes" DVLA missing licence category
    I'm sitting on 9 points for another year or so and I might re-address the problem when they've gone but for the moment I'm being a good boy, I sold the ZX12R a few months ago.
    And yes, I do miss it.