Guy Grabs Gun Off Chav

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. I am surprised he wasnt charged with assault on the yob.
  2. 3 years? And here's me thinking there was a minimum 5 year sentence for gun crimes.

    But well done that man. Especially when he walks calmly towards the gun wielding chav.
  3. Good technique, IBA training or just bloody lucky

    Well done that man
  4. Dutch courage in action... bless 'im
  5. Or nicked for being in (temporary) possession of an illegal handgun
  6. Yep, it is surprising that the hero of the piece didn't end up with 20 years and the yob walking with another slap on his wrist (to go with the other 20 odd).

    Bad drills go to the guy though, for not using the chav's own gun to cull the chav.
  7. The cctv footage is fake. Labour banned all handguns, therefore there is NO gun crime and that event never happened.
  8. Nice one. Cool as you like he just grabs it.

  9. Damnit you beat me to it. :(

    I agree with Range Stew, there are no handguns. Or as they say over here "es kann nicht sein, was nicht sein darf" (that which may not be, cannot be). :D
  10. So a bloke who finds a gun and hands it in at a police station (albeit in a daft way) is looking at a minimum 5 years, yet some chav actually fires a gun several times in a public place, then waves it in a blokes face get 3 years.

    What little respect I had for the authorities has just evaporated.
  11. cant belive you had any respect for them!!

    cant belive the fat boldie didnt get 20 years
    whilst the poor little chav got 3 years how harsh was that!!
    give him 3 months on a tag at most and a flat with state benifit
  12. Exactly what I thought. Then I remembered that Plod, CPS etc, while perfectly happy to allow scum to go unpunished, suffer a complete Sense of Humour Failure when someone "takes the Law into their own hands". :roll:

    If the bloke had followed what was no doubt his natural instinct and turned the Chav's head into a canoe, he'd be looking at a life sentance. Or at least what passes for it in our legal system.

    Still, bloody good disarm. Baron Shortt eat your heart out! :D
  13. I believe in this instance the guy who confronted the gunchav would have got away with stoving his fcuking head in.

    He'd fired the weapon.

    He was advancing towards towards people pointing the weapon.

    It was disappointing to see that once he had grabbed the gun the onlookers gave little support.

    Excellent drills but an opportunity wasted.
  14. Shame he couldn't have had an ND really...