Guy From Paras?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. Don't know where the fuck to put this, couldn't find a "Find People" or Para's board but just might not be looking hard enough.

    Did anybody know a J Mullen (originally from Govan, Glasgow) who was in the Paras (he didn't say which btn) and left the forces in 98?

    Claimed his last hang out was the Filipines before he finished his service.

    More than likely that this guy is just an alcoholic old walt. He's been talking to me for a wee bit now but he's in a right state. The council have put him up in the hotel for a week whilst they get new accomodation sorted. Said he was in the army for 14 years. Claims to have been Para and alluded to 'THEM' but reckon I might have misheard him given that you can hardly understand a word he's saying.

    Just thought I'd ask.
  2. Definately wasn't 3 PARA mucker. Bear in mind that more than a few civvies CLAIM to be ex Para Regt.
  3. There was a J Mullen in 9 Sqn-but he was an officer-so I don't think it can be him?
  4. And also the fact he's never been in the Paras.

    Unless the engineers are Para Regt these days.
  5. Nah, he's definitely not been an officer.

    He kind of talks and acts like a squaddy, if you catch my drift, and despite being a raging alkie he's pretty intelligent and very precise about times and stuff like that. Like I say, he could be just some old walt. Just wondering if any of you have heard of the guy.
  6. If he's making it up he missed a good bit of BS by not saying he'd done 16 years. It's down to you to use some subterfuge and little known facts to find his real worth I think. An old one was the minimum age of selection for them.

    Then again, is it worth it and is he gaining by his talk?
  7. Ha! Quite......I always scratch my head when you ask a bloke what unit they were in and the answer '9 Sqn' comes back (a worrying amount of times truth be told)...instead of 'Royal Engineers'. FFS if you're that desperate to be pukka Para Reg then rebadge! Tres bizarre...
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Ask him for his number
    He should be able to real that off

    Then get someone to check
  9. If he's ex Para Regt. and a tramp then surely he can suck his own cock?
  10. X59

    X59 LE

    9 Sqn not a unit then ?

    Most people come up with " 32 Armoured " or " 33 EOD" .... or " 9 sqn ".

    Not in fact an Airborne thing really.
  11. I can see this developing in to a `real' and `plastic' Para thread!!!
  12. If he is in financial 'queer street' then he needs to speak to the local Royal British Legion Welfare dept ASAP. They will also define who he belongs to. You could also get onto the RBL and 'refer' the guy if he does not want or cannot to do it himself. PM me if you need further help.
  13. Good call, well phrased.
  14. The cnut can hardly say his own name at the moment. Well, at least he couldn't last night. I've left a note for my oppo to have a chat with him when he gets out of bed again today and see if he can get coherent info. No - the guy doesn't have anything to gain by saying he's a Para unless he's just trying to win my respect. There wouldn't be much point in that, though. He's certainly kind of savvy, there is no denying it. Just an old booze fan who let it get out of control. Quite a sad story.

    Asked him about Op Banner this morning before he finally went to bed (was the only place I could think that he'd served) and he responded by saying he'd been at Omagh and rambling some story that I just could not make head nor tail off. This kicked off because he said he'd lived at Catterick and then was a Para and then he'd got the chance to be about the world but couldn't talk about it. Probing the 'couldn't talk about it' part led to absolutely nothing.

    I think it might be DAVID Mullen actually. His name might have been entered wrongly on check in.
  15. Ask what the cap badge for them is. if he says a winged dagger he is a fucking liar