Guy Fawkes Reconstruction

Anyone see the Guy Fawkes reconstruction on ITV last night?

Richard Hammond (of Top Gear fame) made a big thing of the test area where he blew up the model parliment being in a secret location. Then the camera panned over the entrance sign...
Didn't help me identify the location tho - anyone know where it took place?
I'm thinking it must be somewhere up North...

Apparently that was the biggest amount of gunpowder every blown up in the modern day (1 metric tonne). I have to say that the slow-mo replay looked pretty damn good...!
they had coverage of RAF air controll too, thinking senny, but no dems areas like that come to mind. Larkhill?
Nope - lots of conifer type trees in the immediate vicinity. I thought it could have been sennybridge, but I've not seen a dems area like that up there.

Answered my own question:

[url=]Telegraph Online[/url] said:
Guy fawkes, it seems, was a little over zealous with the gunpowder. Half the number of barrels he smuggled into Parliament would have been enough to destroy the chamber above him and wipe out the ruling elite - providing he had got around to lighting the fuse.

The ITV programme, which cost £1 million to make, shows that the massacre would have succeeded

Had he not been foiled in his gunpowder plot, commemorated this Saturday, the blast would have been audible five miles away and would have killed those in the vicinity almost instantly.

The impact of the explosion has been worked out by a group of modern-day explosives experts who succeeded where Fawkes failed 400 years ago.

The makers of a television programme built a full-sized replica of the 17th century House of Lords before following Fawkes's meticulous plans and detonating 36 barrels of explosive beneath it.

Filmed inside the mocked-up chamber - packed with sensors and crash test dummies to represent King James I, peers, bishops and MPs - the documentary shows in graphic detail what would have happened if Fawkes had been successful.

The programme, which cost £1 million to make, shows that the massacre would have succeeded with half of the amount of gunpowder that was in place in November 1605.

The programme-makers, working at the Spadeadam RAF base on the Scottish border, used 720 tons of concrete to recreate the undercroft where the Catholic plotters' gunpowder was hidden with a full Lords chamber built above.

The civil engineering firm Arup concluded that the blast would have propelled the timber floor upwards so fast that everyone in the chamber would have been killed.

Anyone who did manage to survive would have been finished off by the subsequent fireball, flying timber fragments or the impact of falling back to the ground.

David Hadden, a consultant at Arup, said: "After years of speculation, the test has proved once and for all that Fawkes's plan would have had devastating consequences for anyone present in the House of Lords that day, though not for the surrounding areas as previously thought."
had it succeded , the backlash would horrific , many catholics would be murdered to the point that it literaly be genocide, any catholics left would have to leave England for their own safety, ironically quite a few peers and MPs in house Parliament are Catholics , doing their bit to lessen the impact of anti-catholic legislation, without them alive , the way was open for a greatest massacre murder spree with rapes, torture galore any kind of sadism that human is capable of once the gloves are off.

England will never live down the shame and would become a international pariah.

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