Guy Fawkes Reconstruction

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wg100, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. Anyone see the Guy Fawkes reconstruction on ITV last night?

    Richard Hammond (of Top Gear fame) made a big thing of the test area where he blew up the model parliment being in a secret location. Then the camera panned over the entrance sign...
    Didn't help me identify the location tho - anyone know where it took place?
    I'm thinking it must be somewhere up North...

    Apparently that was the biggest amount of gunpowder every blown up in the modern day (1 metric tonne). I have to say that the slow-mo replay looked pretty damn good...!
  2. they had coverage of RAF air controll too, thinking senny, but no dems areas like that come to mind. Larkhill?
  3. Nope - lots of conifer type trees in the immediate vicinity. I thought it could have been sennybridge, but I've not seen a dems area like that up there.
  4. RAF Spadeadam

    Very large Electronics Range and test area for the likes of British Gas to play with things that go Bang
  5. Programme not seen, but could it have been RAF Spadeadam - huge range used for dropping live munitions?
  6. jagman - great minds, etc...
  7. Aha!

    Answered my own question:

  8. And thanks to those who replied as I wrote the above...!
  9. :lol: Dont drop live ones there, them range is more or less exclusively electronics
    Was way back in the dawn of time the test site for Blue Streak, Britains rocket program, large areas of the original facilities still exist and public visits are allowed a couple of times a year

    details and pictures here
  10. had it succeded , the backlash would horrific , many catholics would be murdered to the point that it literaly be genocide, any catholics left would have to leave England for their own safety, ironically quite a few peers and MPs in house Parliament are Catholics , doing their bit to lessen the impact of anti-catholic legislation, without them alive , the way was open for a greatest massacre murder spree with rapes, torture galore any kind of sadism that human is capable of once the gloves are off.

    England will never live down the shame and would become a international pariah.
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Top prog, which made a change from the usual cr@p we get on ITV.
  12. Spadeadam used to be the home of the British Space Program. Now the only spsce we have is inside Blair's head.
  13. anyone know when the late night re-run is? pretty pissed I missed it.