Guy Fawkes Night

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by carlbcfc, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. If only there was a modern Guy Fawkes. Blowing up the H of P seems like a great idea these days.
  2. Only if it's done by Englishmen.
  3. True. Can we say Englishman these days?
  4. Only if you don't mind being called a racist.
  5. Only if you prefix it with 'gay'
  6. You're also not allowed to say gay.
  7. I think we might get away with 'gargler of gonad gravy'
  8. So is Brown sauce so that must be racist.
  9. I deleted it incase I offended any brown people :D

    Im just off to have some black pudding.
  10. 'Do you want these keys in your eyes you black cunt?' is racist, especially if it's directed to a nigger, but 'brown sauce' is merely an affectionate name for darkie's sperm.
  11. Which has a nice sweet aroma and tastes a little salty with a hint of rosemary I believe.

    Well that's what Jarrod said anyway!
  12. What happens if Germany play Nigeria in the World Cup?

    NIG - GER

    In SA too!
  13. Doh! I wondered why it had disappeared!
  14. Was'nt Guy Fawkes essentially just a terrorist???? .......... In a few hundred years will we be having Osama Bin Laden night on September the 11th????
  15. More reminiscent of scotch bonnet peppers, coconut and lime juice with a suspicion of slavery and a beat all of it's own.