Guy Fawkes Night

Cabana said:
So is Brown sauce so that must be racist.
'Do you want these keys in your eyes you black cunt?' is racist, especially if it's directed to a nigger, but 'brown sauce' is merely an affectionate name for darkie's sperm.
Fallschirmjager said:
Which has a nice sweet aroma and tastes a little salty with a hint of rosemary I believe.

Well that's what Jarrod said anyway!
More reminiscent of scotch bonnet peppers, coconut and lime juice with a suspicion of slavery and a beat all of it's own.
A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
Was'nt Guy Fawkes essentially just a terrorist???? .......... In a few hundred years will we be having Osama Bin Laden night on September the 11th????
How do we celebrate that then?

Man sex?

Blow up a few large towers?

Have a curry?
As I explained it to a Polish girl at work, 'Guy Fawkes' aka Bonfire Night is when we used to celebrate the fact that he was killed for trying to burn down the Houses of Parliament. Now we celebrate the fact that he tried. :D
Fallschirmjager said:
Is this through self fellatio I wonder? :wink:
I represented the army in the ill-fated 'Catching Your Own Sperm In Your Mouth Competition' in 1987. The RCT won all categories. I came last, winning the losers medal inscribed with 'Self-Administered Bukkake'

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