Guy Fawkes Battle

On the night of 4/5 November 1951 1st Bn The King's Own Scottish Borderers during the Korean War were attacked by a Chinese division having first endured the most intensive artillery barrage of the war, the action later became known as the 'Guy Fawkes Battle'.

The Borderers inflicted great punishment on the enemy and won much glory that night winning a VC, several DSOs and DCMs (now the CGC) MCs, MMs and MIDs. Casualties were high though at the end of it all so was morale. The Battle honours Kowang San and Maryan San were awarded to the Bn as well as the theatre honour 'Korea'.

To those brave Borderers who died that night so far from home - we will never forget you, to those who survived and are alive today - Thanks.

Border Lads and wild are we...

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