Gutter Press double standards

Man doesn't kill prostitutes is of course not half as much editorial fun as the reverse. It's a good job they do have double standards because otherwise a single dose would just be swallowed into a moral black-hole...
Apology: Sorry to Yoko Ono

June 07, 2007

Our May 30 story headed "Uuurrgh! My Corgi kebab is a bit ruff" said that Yoko Ono was on a radio show and "tasted" dog meat which was being eaten by an animal rights activist.

The report, which was filed to us by several leading press agencies was wholly wrong and Ms Ono did not appear or take part in the show.

We sincerely apologise to Ms Ono for the offence and distress caused to her.
Mrs Janet Hossain: An apology

June 08, 2007

Further to our article Bondage Killing of Muslim Mum of April 27 we would like to make clear the body of Ms Janet Hossain, of Manor Park, East London, was not discovered wearing bondage clothes as we stated. We apologise to her family for any distress caused.
Janet Hossain apology
Yoko Ono apology

The Scum (and the rest of the gutter press) never let the facts get in the way of a good story.


the_guru said:,,2-2007260528,00.html

The fella that was hung drawn and quartered by the Press last year over the Ipswich Prostitute killings is to face no charges. Unlike the banner headlines that accompanied his arrest, this innocent man gets rather less coverage of his name being cleared.
More in the local rag: Jun 2007 10:28:03:830
Local gossip says the plod aways knew he was just a nutter but arrested him to deflect attention from their real target. (Allegedly of course :wink: )

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