Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by squilverine, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. Have just had a letter back from Lichfield this morning to say that my application has been defered on medical grounds,
    Apparently this is because I went to see my doctor back in August because I had a slight pain in my knee after running (this was a one off).
    This was the last thing I saw my doctor for and havn't been back since.
    He examined my knee, said that it was perfectly healthy and was a niggle down to me not having excercised this much before.
    The letter from Lichfield says that if I disagree and can get my doctor to support me with a letter they will reveiw my case.

    Do you guys know if they have changed their minds on these decisions in the past and if in my case this will be likely.

    As said before my knee is perfectly healthy and I have no problems with it at all.
  2. Its always worth a shot!

    How long have you been deferred for? If its only 6 months or so, is it worth appealing, or better to just wait?
  3. Get a letter from your doctor and send it off asap.

    I had questions after my RG8. Knowing that my doctor is a w*nker, I drafted a letter myself and sent it to Pirbright. Two days later, the Sergeant from the ACIO called me with a date for selection.

    I did have to do a bit of explaining when i saw the Doc at the med centre, but from my experience they are fairly understanding. I passed the med, passed selection and start basic February next year.

    It's well known that one doctor's diagnosis may not correlate to another's. That's what "second opinion" is all about. If your usual GP won't write the letter, find another who will.

    Persevere. If you really want to join up, don't let the medical get in your way.

    Good luck.
  4. Up to you but if you really want to press on there it is quite likely they will accept your apeal given the right evidence from your doctor.

    Like soozi said, 6 months really isnt that long, took me nearly 3 months to get medically cleared because they lost my opticians report once and where just generally taking there time.

    More time before you join = The fitter you will be for basic = Easier first few weeks for you :)
  5. I'd appeal in those circumstances
  6. The British army has a sore knee. The quacks, and the staff at the centres, are out of control. Seriously, there is a systems failure here, and a failure of command and control. The used to allow the staff in the careers information offices to knock people back without any record being kept. They didn't want their mates in the regiment to think they had allowed clowns entry. So all the incentives were to knock people back. The instant you require a record of everyone who walks through the door, and start checking up on the people knocked back to see whether they could have been ok, and criticise the staff for needless rejections, you get more candidates.

    But from the accounts people are coming out with here, someone needs to write to the Defence Select Committee and get them to cause some hell.

    I could be that man :)
  7. My friend got knocked back because she's allergic to "pineapple" but after a letter from to doc she now in!

    Have to say i thought that was funny.
  8. Those pineapples can cause real problems you know!!!
  9. LOL can u believe that :?
  10. Ok it should of been explained to you regarding the appeals procedure in the letter but your best thing to do it get a daily fitness programme written up with all your training you have been doing over the last four or five months.
    For eg. Date, Activity, Distance, Times,Remarks.
    Fill it all out to the best of your knowledge what you have been doing as a diary and in the Remarks pt if there was pain or no pain.

    Get the GP to write a letter and clarify that the incident (corresponds with date on diary) you had a training pull that was only a niggle and eased up after a day or so. Get the GP to wite down in his words that he doesnt believe there is any problems (if he believes so) and give it to your Recruiter who should fax off to ADSC med.

    I had dozens of cases like this and at least half were able to proceed well before the deferment date due to the training programme.
  11. Hey,

    I had my application for the army turned down 2 years ago for something I had when I was 5 years old! I was 20 when i applied! Again they said to me I f I can get my local GP to write a letter to them stating that im 100% they will consider my case. My Local doctor wrote a letter to them telling Lichfield that im fit and healthy the same as anyone else. It took around 2 months for the decision to come back but they still turned me down.

    Best of Luck!
  12. yeh, but wasnt yours like a stroke or something. slightly different to a dodgy knee.
  13. I once knew someone who got pineapple wedged in their lung, apparently.
  14. Yeah mine was for a mild stroke so yeah its a bit different, although my recruiter and all my mates that are in the Army and my local GP said my appeal would come through. Sometimes its just the Doctors that are being arse holes, so ive heard!!
  15. i first failed my medical as apprently the army doc said i was deaf in my left ear and i had deformed ear drums :s but my GP said i have good hearing and my ear drum just had an scar caused by an ear infection when i was two (im 17 now) I tried sending of letters {Ear specialist letters, letters of my GP, & a hearing test} but they was havin non of it...he also failed 7 people there (there was bowt 10 people there for a medical) so i tried again a few months ago now am in Royal Logistic and the army doctor who orginally gave me a medical has now been struck off :)