Hi guys, am new to the Forum, but have served a few years...

Am wondering is it just me, or do other people feel the same way!

I am due to leave next year having completed my Colour Service, and I really don't want to live in the Country I have called 'home' for my whole life, I really don't think our Country has a lot going for it anymore.
Maybe that makes me disloyal, (Which guts me, as if is wasn't a patriot, I would not have fought for our Homeland for 22Yrs) but I can't help it. I look at the news, with all the Immigration problems, (you only have to go to your local tesco's and you feel like you are back on 'Ulan Eagle' in Poland). The crime, the Violence, I think it summed it up to me, when I was on my way back from Kosovo back in 2000 for R&R and I was delayed at the Chunnel by a posse or Kosovans who were making there way to the U.K. for the 'easy life', as even then they knew the Country to head for....
Ultimately I am 'out of here' I am heading for Kenya where I can buy a plot of land for about 6k and have a bespoke house built for about 16k. AND live comfortably on my Pension. (lets face facts, there is no way I would get a look in at mortgate in the U.K.) And I can educate my children at a better standard, with expat Teachers, with classes of less than 18 kids! I just wonder if I am the only Soldier that feels that way.
If I am, then there is hope for our Nation.
If not... Were Fcuked....
I would not worry my friend, there are many who feel just like you. Your feelilngs are by no means unique. There was a recent survey reported in the Indepenent newspaper of the rising numbers of Brits who are taking the same road and who now live just about all over the world and the rates of those who are taking the emigration route are rising are rising all of the time.

You will not be the only ex-serviceman who now live in Kenya There is at least two former members of my own Battalion who now live there. Former members of my Regiment have left for much the same reason and now live in Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Australia and a host of other countries beside Kenya. Regimental reunions see them attend from all over the world.

Your gratuity will go a great deal further as will your monthly pension at a time when you leave only halfway through your working life and still with a great deal to offer.

Good luck to you.

Regards and best wishes
Many thanks for you reply Iolis,

You are totally correct, many people are leaving in droves, and I will be one of them, I was very lucky in the fact I grew up in the New Forest way down south, but even with my points to join the housing list you have to lived there for at least ten years, and even though I meet that criteria, I would much rather invest my gratuity in the place I am going to. And on another note, you are right again, even though Kenya is an 'ex colony' there are now 40,000 expats living there, which is more than where there when it was a colony! I leave my homeland with a heavy heart, I have no faith in this country and will be glad to see the back of it. If that is a bad thing to say then I apologise. Many thanks mate.
PS.. As much as I hate 'journos' Maybe you ought to read this forum topic, and Actually understand how 'we true patriots' feel about this shambles of a Country we live in, and for once in your lives tell the truth.
I (and numerous others) have served all over the world with total loyalty to this Country. But quite frankly I feel that that this Country's Government does not deserve its Armed Forces, while we have been away defending 'those that cannot defend themselves' You as a government have allowed hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers into our homeland, to the legitimate ones I apologise, but to the rest who love our 'welfare state' GO TO HELL! We should use our Armed Forces to defend our fragile borders. its a sad state of affairs when I dread the thought of bringing my children up here.
My comments may upset a few peopls, but I will never apologise.
I'm off too.

Canada (I have family there)


New Zealand (just for a laugh)

Possibly elsewhere but that is for starts.

Why go back to the motherland, when it is getting royally shagged by the politicos and assorted muppets.

Or I could go back and set up my own party, and take them on. Unfortunetly my voting base would probably be in other countries.
Hi lads lived away for a few years in other places,and yes uk is arrse in places but as they say"THE GRASS IS NOT ALLWAYS GREEN".

Good luck to where you all end up,and i hope you get all you want after 22 years S***.
G_M. Unhappily, I'm with you on this one though I'm still not sure where I'll eventually end up. (Only that it won't be UK). From my experience there are 2 main issues to consider. One is medical cover, the older you get the more you need it, and the older you get the more medical insurance costs. This is particularly relevant if you are out of Europe. Second is the pension taxation issue. It is still a UK income. It is worth chatting with the tax office and with the Army pensions Office at Kentigern House.
Good luck to you and it would good to see a thread from Kenya in the future.
Thanks guys, I will definitely be in touch if this pans out, I have had a word with ref to the pension and I can claim back the tax, which is cool.
So we shall see what happens, Good luck to all of you that like me, are heading overseas for a better quality of life. We deserve it!
I'm off to Aus after 20 years, I didn't want to risk waiting another 2 years and not being accepted.

Our main reasons for going are similar to yours, England just doesn't feel like home anymore.
I was trying to convince my wife that although this is our home, it is no longer the Britain that we could spend the rest of our days in. NZ is too far for her to go to, so we have decided that Spain is our best choice for when i decide to leave the forces. Other than the points already raised in this thread there other reasons that have helped me reach this desicion.

The nation appears to be full of pride (rightly so), but only when International football is on the agenda, what about the rest of the year...?

And i couldn't retire in a country that thinks more of its animals(although important)than it does of it's elderly.

Sorry if this offends anyone.....oh, no I'm not.
It is rather ironic that many of those lamenting the state of this country and its perceived problems with immigration, propose to overcome their woes by becoming immigrants.
I can't imagine why you want to leave. Responding to criticism 3 days ago after the Independent revealed that Bliar and his henchmen have enacted 3000 new laws since they came to power a Government Spokesman said:

'Crime has fallen by 35 per cent since Labour came to power precisely because we have given the police and criminal justice system the modern laws they have asked for to tackle crime effectively.'

Surely you must have noticed how much nicer it is to live in virtually crime-free Britain these days.

I want to go, but I think I am too much of a 'little Englander' and I am desperately hoping that it will all get better. Sadly, I don't think it will.
been there, seen the movie , got the T shirt. Agree with all the above but........ I saw all this coming in 1968, and thats when I left for Oz.

For those that can remember, maybe Enoch was right after all !
It seems it is okay for Brits to become immigrants and seek a better life abroad, but anyone emigrating to Britain is a job-stealing, scrounging trouble-maker.
An immigrant is a different term; immigrants you will associate with feeding off the government, taking the tax payers money and all. Living abroad, you can not get by without a job. If you’re not working then most governments will not permit a visa for longer than 3 months. Take Aus for example, my brother is moving out there in October, he has been told that to be excepted he needs the minimum of £2k in his bank account. Cyrus, if you are not working, you are not given a work visa, you are not entitled to benefits as you are not contributing and they will usually only allow you a 3 month visa., even though they have entered the EU, you still need to maintain a work visa until they enter fully.

If you’re moving to an EU country, you have a right to, just as those who are EU moving to the UK.

My 3rd cousin up’d and move to Adelaide via the RN, he was a LT/C and was able to obtain a swap as he didn’t want to leave the mob in the UK, and he found a better way of getting to Aus! Most of my family who has served has moved abroad within months of leaving the RN/RM/Army/RAF. It seems to be a very infectious trend at the moment, what exactly is this saying about our country though?

Been in Cyprus 14 months now and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world, ok the money isn’t as good as the UK but the life is so much better. The education for children seems to be a little better and more cultured than what the UK has to offer for now.

As for property, it seems to be cheap as of right now, it is also being advised to by now as in 2 yrs property will be a lot more expensive and this seems to be a business ex-pats are getting into at the moment.

Good luck G_M, it’s worth it!
Hi Grey Mafia,

I also leave next year after 24 yrs and I feel the same way as you and many others. The terrorist threat to the UK is an inconvenience but not a worry to me. The chances of me being on a plane or somewhere when a bomb goes off is a million to one. The chance of me being robbed, mugged, stabbed, assaulted as I become older and more frail by the increasing amount of hardened youth gangs and criminals in general is very high. Some places I could walk at night in the UK and virtually guarantee being assaulted. What a sad state this country is in. I'd rather pay high taxes in a country I choose to live because it offers a high standard of living than the UK that taxes me to the hilt because it just can and offers very little hope in return.

I'm setting up a small business in the UK and moving it abroad when I can, hopefully 2 years.

Good luck to you pal.....
I'm not leavng England because of migrants, I'm leaving because I feel there are too any English people who don't like immigrants and blame them for all the ills.

How any wasters do you see around pubs, slagging off decent hard working migrants for stealing jobs when the waster has never got off his fat arrse and worked in his life? Too bloody many for my liking.

Then again, I do live near Oswestry :)
Booty said:
It seems it is okay for Brits to become immigrants and seek a better life abroad, but anyone emigrating to Britain is a job-stealing, scrounging trouble-maker.
I know you're desperately seeking irony Booty, but seriously, there isn't any.

I'll prove the point. You name any other country that will let you in if you have absolutely nothing to offer. No relatives, no qualifications, nothing.

Name just one.

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