Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Rockhopperst4, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. Got binned from RTMC today for high blood pressure - arrse.

    Kind of in a daze right now but got GP's appointment tomorrow so hopefully get it sorted and still able to deploy in November.

    Moral support needed now i think!
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Less salt, more like ;)
  3. I know somone who had exactly the same experience - he followed doctor's orders and was out in Afganistan on the next tour, so certainly don't dispair.
  4. Goodness, that takes me back. 4 of us went through, some years back, and they were going to bin us all for blood pressure. After some wrangling, they let us in, with a stern warning to go and see our GPs asap. I've been through many times since - it isn't too much of a problem ("well controlled hypertension") unless I forget to take my pill in the morning :( But I'm P3LE for duff knees anyway ...

    At least msr didn't suggest you stay off the booze.
  5. Cheers guys, hopefully my GP will be able to sort it fairly quickly. Its good to know that there are others who have the same issue and have managed to control it.
  6. Rocks - PM sent. Good luck!
  7. If you're on pills for blood pressure is that a fail? I'm not but it might be favourable for my long term health if I was. I'm usually just bubbling under 140/90 but am higher sometimes.
  8. Not a fail - just been upgraded and on daily pills.
  9. Very helpful to know. Thanks for that.
  10. The Doc in the Med centre said it wasn't an issue if i was on tablets to control it. The only problem is i guess i would have to take six months worth out to Bastion with me.

    Thanks CC_TA! :)
  11. From what I understand of high blood pressure it's not exactly the case that if you don't have the tablets you will keel over and die. It's more that taking the tablets reduces the likelihood of trouble later in life.
  12. Use less salt when applying to the McDonalds chips, stop eating what you serve...Big Mac!
  13. I'm no medic but I have been told that stopping taking the pills (the level I'm on, at least) is a reasonably immediate and quite serious risk factor. I don't plan to (but I don't take a tour's worth with me - I take a couple of months and rely on Mrs I posting them out.)
  14. Did they try again later in the day?? Just thinking of white coat hypertension cased by the anxiety of having your blood pressure taken you were aware yo had a problem and were probably anxious about the test
  15. That happened to me once. Had an argument with someone I couldn't stand whilst in the waiting room and then off I went to see the medics who did their thing, noted the results on a bit of paper then went and stood in line to see the doc. Doc took one look at the paper, retook my plood pressure and asked if I had been stressed earlier?