Gutless UN in Syria pullout

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chromodynamix, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. Britain and France may call for ending the United Nations observer mission in Syria if the unarmed monitors continue to come under fire and can’t carry out their mandate, UN diplomats said.
    The countries are waiting for Major General Robert Mood, the Norwegian officer commanding the UN Supervision Mission in Syria, to brief the Security Council this afternoon before deciding whether the mission has a future, according to two diplomats from Security Council member states who asked not to be named for reasons of diplomatic protocol.

    UN's Syria Monitors May Face Pullout as Effort Stalls - Businessweek

    Unless the UN can use reasonable force in situations, there is little point in sending them in with hands tied by "diplomatic protocol".

    Also, anyone who can't find a beret to fit his head is not suitable for command IMO.

  2. Would have eliminated all the 'Paras' of my generation..
  3. They're unarmed, there's not much force they can use except to throw stones at people shooting at them
  4. What point is there in them being in country other than to serve as targets for whichever group they get in the way of?
  5. The clue is in the word "observer".

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  6. Wasting valuable time and costing lives by delaying the inevitable military intervention in the name of exhausting all diplomatic alternatives, of course. Do keep up.
  7. fu2

    fu2 LE

    UN is a joke
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  8. Do we have any personnel out there?
  9. Haven't seen any Brit uniforms on the news when they've showed them. I'm sure I saw an Irish flag on the arm of one of them the other day.
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  10. Gutless? What do you expect them to do exactly? I think the fact that the observers have tried to get into areas that are either being shelled or about to be shelled is pretty commendable. They've done the best they can with what they have to hand even though the task they've been set is more or less totally pointless. The only thing their deployment there has achieved is that they've been able to act as an outside entity that can give an accurate account of how many people Assad's forces/ the shabiha have actually killed.

    On top of that not only have they been shot at by the security forces they've also been put directly in harm's way by the FSA who have worked out that if a UN observer gets killed it'll do a lot for their cause in the eyes of the West. I read a bit the other day about an observer who had been told by rebels to walk down a road (one that they weren't about to go down themselves) because they knew anyone going down there was likely to be hit by indiscriminate fire by government troops. So the UN's bods are now in a situation where both sides are trying to use them to their advantage which can be done by either lying to them or ensuring that the opposite side kills them and looks bad as a result.

    And anyway...what do you want them to do? They're unarmed. Do you expect them to catch artillery shells or lead a valiant charge at the Syrian army waving a notepad and a pair of binos?

    Get a grip.
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  11. And where, a little closer to home, did we see that in the '90s? Absolutely thankless task being an UNMO IMHO.
  12. So no point whatsoever then?

    Thought that.

    Best off out.
  13. So what are they to do? Go in all guns blazing, there'll be far more civilian casualties if that happenes. Who do you put in place when Assad gets the chopper? Cuddly puppet dictator who is an American lackey. Cue Iraq MkII.
  14. As long as Putin's his pal the only 'chopper' he's likely to get is a mi-24.
  15. Y_D

    There is a tradition for this kind of mission to be carried out by non-P5 members. It is thought to add creditability to the report of the Commanding General/Admiral not to be 'in the pocket' of those who hold the veto.

    Re: UNMOs, by all accounts a fantastic OpTour although can be incredibly frustrating.