Guthrie Speaks out...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Nibbler, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. Interesting: I wonder if this was coordinated with Dannat's remarks?

    Telegraph Article
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Also intereresting is that I don't recall him making remarks along these lines when he was the CDS.......
  3. Exactly Chimera - A shame he is being so outspoken now.
  4. Not at all..... probably nothing more than shear coincidence :)
  5. Actually, my understanding is that, of all our recent VVIPs, he was the most robust, and did actually poke politicians in the chest several times, to some effect. These comments are of a piece with his views at the time - I wouldn't knock him for still holding them...
  6. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm told that the stand-up row he had with Brown is still spoken of in Whitehall. Apparently, Gordon gave him the perfect cue (whilst red-faced and shouting) of "You think I know nothing about the Armed Forces!" which got the reply "No, Chancellor, I know you know nothing about the Armed Forces."
  7. Exactly... :lol: I've also heard a story about a certain foreign CGS, from a 1st world nation, who commented after an abrasive interview, still trembling with indignation, that he 'hadn't been spoken to like that since officer school'... The man has a weird accent, but also big cojones...
  8. Fair point - but if he had spoken out then - he would have been sacked.
  9. It's a shame that we have long as they say what the governement wants to hear.!!

    When are they going to realise that Generals DO know what they are talking about. Our Troops DO need better kit AND we need more of them.

    Guthrie..Good man..very very good man
  10. Lord Guthrie was a very political animal but I think managed to come out with more self-respect than General Mike has after living in the snake-tank. He didn't speak out in public but he fought every inch of the way behind closed doors. He also didn't say things because they made policy look right.
  11. Any high level gestures are welcome, whether the man is retired or not. As a serving soldier, you can't overly criticise or you will lose your job and Lord Guthrie can say things that General Dannat is unable to say in his current position. I'm pleased that Tim Collins is sticking his oar in as well as he is a real 'soldier's man' and is not afraid to let people know the truth!
  12. Two things. First; I read somewhere that Lord Guthrie is a user of Arrse. I assume they meant this website.

    Secondly, If he is being outspoken now, rather than when he was our boss I can only assume that he was doing his best and he did what he could with the hand he was dealt. Now, I imagine he is playing more from his heart. There would have been no use falling upon his sword to make a point previously.
  13. Having spoken to other retired senior bods - falling on one's sword is no bad thing. It sends a clear message to all those serving that the poweres-that-be do care and are prepared to make a sacrifice. Also, if enough of our senior bods threaten to do so, then the politicians and civil servants will have to take note eventually. The line that is often pedalled by senior officers is that they can't do anything once they've resigned - perhaps better than sitting in office powerless to make any changes.
  14. Admiral Boyce chucked it in early as CDS over the government's politicisation of the reasons for the Iraq War.

    He hasn't gone public about his views on it since though, which is a shame. I wonder if he's waiting for Bliar to be ousted first?
  15. Hats off to Lord Guthrie, I respect him for his comments.