Gushing...bloody hell!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Taz_786, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. NSFW , anyone?
  2. Good heavens!

    An NSFW would be appreciated old boy...

    Although, firefighting would be a closely followed and interesting line of work for these ladies...
  3. Pssst, Not safe for work. or some homes for that matter
  4. Well it certainly "does what it says on the tin"!! :)
  5. 7 year old son is now wanting to know "why that lady is weeing on the other lady's head?"...ermm..........
  6. quick distract him by goading him into a UFC type knock-down drag out fight with his sister!
  7. feck off...have you SEEN his sister? Jaysus, she's only 10 and she scares the cr ap out of me!
  8. I've swamped a few pits in my time. I've peed in the back of cabs, in doorways and even under tables in clubs.

    But I find something a bit...unsettling about a girl being so carried in the moment that she sprays. If thats all you want, pop down the local Speshul Skool and grab an incontinent mong!

    or am I being a fuddy duddy?

    edited for thicko spelling
  9. I opened this earlier today in the university library.

    Damn you Taz.
  10. Chimpy, don't you mean the University LAB?
  11. No the proper uni. Me and the lads break in sometimes (posing as students) to use the net for stuff we don't wanna get traced for. This nerd lets us use his password in exchange for a teenth of hash.
  12. Not a fuddy duddy exactly...but what a brilliant idea anyway!