Gurus Wish

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by no1cares, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. No

  2. Yes

  1. Here you go guru
  2. Is his royal tonyness Bliar a cnut?
  3. If the vote goes above 20 to the way of you being a troll, will you fcuk off?
  4. only if you suck my d1ck
  5. Do it flashy - do it for guru, do it for arrse and do it for humanity
  6. My vote made it twenty, i'll get the camcorder :twisted:
  7. Use both your log in names to vote 'no' did you, no1cares?

    Seems like a landslide at the moment and the poll isnt even an hour old.
  8. Oh, and you are still a nobber with f uck all to say.
  9. i don't think you can vote for your own poll? i've got that many usernames i can't remember all the passwords.
  10. before anyone had posted a reply on this there were 2 votes for 'Yes', I thought he had voted against himself, twice

  11. Atleast i'll be getting laid tonight....oh wait one, you're a squaddie chick, you'll be getting more d1ck than Jenna J could handle.
  12. jealous?
  13. Shame you are still a cunt though.
  14. Atleast your honest about the fact your a bike. I don't mind being a cnut, i'm happiest that way. Just wish i could help some of you on here with the internet addiction.
  15. I can see the poll leaning one way.....oh well, maybe it's a good thing.

    Would hate to be in the Arrse click.