Gurus new steed

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by the_guru, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. Still got the Gixxer 750 K6, but I picked up a new F800GS last week.

    Been commuting for a week on it now, and it is a great bike. It is only 5bhp down on the 1150GS, but a LOT lighter. My commute time is no longer, and it is 30pc better on fuel. Great for slicing through the traffic.

  2. Looks a bit heavy for a commuter. What's the weight?
  3. I have a car too thanks, Poindexter.

    Cars aren't really practical for getting to the middle of London, what with the traffic, the congestion charge and the parking fees. Riding the bike costs 130 quid a month. My train ticket would cost 300.

    It weighs 178kgs dry. It is the most beautifully balanced bike that I have ridden.
  4. Nice bike Guru best of luck with it.. :)
  5. Wanty wanty....

    last bike was a transalp, until some little Burnage tw@ robbed it...
  6. Er...didn't you used to take the p1ss out of my Beemer? Is this a "Road to Damascus" conversion? Seriously's a good looking machine...

  7. My last bike was a B40,nobody stole that,Iwonder why?.Seriously its a nice bike guru
  8. Thats because a 650 single warranted the p1ss taking out of it.

    As I said, I still have the Gixxer,because you won't get your missus to get me a Blade at half price.
  9. Nice.

    And that's allI have to say about that.
  10. 207kg kerb weight? Does that mean that you have to always ride with a passenger to help you pick it up at traffic lights etc.? ;)
  11. Jealousy will get me nowhere........

    Seriously nice bike them colours or what
  12. 207Kgs isn't that heavy.

    And it feels lighter than my Gixxer.
  13. So you admit that you've dropped it already, then?
  14. Isn't it a bit tall for a commuter, can your feet reach the ground OK? What's the seat height and what's your inside leg measurement?
  15. Have you got the power ranger leather suit to go with it!