Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Jul 18, 2005.

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  1. Has any of you guys ever worked with the Gurkhas ?

    since buying my Kukhuries .since then i would like to know more about them.

    any stories or funny tales ?
  2. They used to do very good impressions of chinese soldiers in the welsh hills.
  3. They eat there chicken"On the bone" , shower in there shreddies, shove there tooth brushes deep down there throats in a morning making them "Hock", Bully there youngest soldiers to dress as women and do the dance of the "Marooni" for the hierachy, slaughter chickens in the sinks in the bogs, but other than that the old slant eyed tree frogs are ok!
  4. They love to drink and gamble. They will shag anything...even those lovely old grannies who did the laundry in the BLMF!! I believe the going rate for one of the Dorises to accommodate a gurkha was about 15 Danger Mice...

    They can go for days on a tine of compo and a boiled sweet, carrying four times as much kit as an airportable half tonner. They love playing footie and they can giggle under the worst circumstances you can imagine.

    They are loyal and lion-hearted but very afraid of G1 and Service Funds Accounting! They are the best troops to back you up and I give more to Gurkha Welfare than I do to the RBL because of it...Ayo Gurkhali..
  5. Very, very good at what they do. You want them on your side.
  6. They are ever so polite and well mannered.

    Well, where I live anyway. :D
  7. Very smart when they walk out, always in jacket and tie.


    PS when ever they pull out that big old knife it must draw blood even for cleaning and if that blood is their own so be it!!!

  8. There were two Ghurkas on the RE Craft Ops Course I was on in Chatham, one Thusday we're getting ready to head on down to the Stomp night, these two lads were struggling to do the "Homework", some rope splicing and knots, I sat with them and helped them, bloody hell after that they couldn't do enough for me! Had my own bodyguards when we went down town. Great lads very smart.
  9. God god if the Gurkhas who I was on JWIC with drew their own blood every time they used thier knives theyd have bled to death. I was impressed by them all the same.
  10. I spent some time with them in Hong Kong during the early 80's, very nice bunch of guys, and can cut a head off a goat with a Khukri in about half a second, very tasty goat curry though... ;)
  11. that myth actually started in WW1 when they got fed up of being asked to show their Kukhuris to the French people, it is quite clearly impractical to keep cutting yourself all the time.
  12. Spent some time with them recently, very friendly and courteous and very good at what they do. Great bunch of lads to have on your side. Namaste
  13. Urban legend mate.

    A good bunch of guys overall, very friendly. I have a few mates attached to Gurkha Signals and to a man they are happy in role. Occasionally, some of the lazy blokes (who you get everywhere) play the thicky 'I don't understand' card, and it can get tricky to understand some guys - mainly the sprogs, cos their lingo is still a bit under-developed.

    And the buggers always give you damn hot chilis and say 'oh go on, they're only sweet ones' while laughing their arses off @ you.:)
  14. mgmidget wrote

    "God god if the Gurkhas who I was on JWIC with drew their own blood every time they used thier knives theyd have bled to death. I was impressed by them all the same. "

    That's actually a myth about the blooding of a Kukri. It only applies to their sacred blades used in sacrifices.

    The funny notch thing above the handle is used to prevent blood running on to the hands, so I've been told, although I don't know how it works. But it is not used to cut their thumbs on!!!!

    The two small blades are used to sharpen the big blade.

    If you mount the kukri on a stand or similar then the curve of the blade should face to the sky. Don't know why.
  15. I got caught out by the there sweet chillis
    sitting in the cookhouse at otterburn gurkha across the table eating same food with big pile of chillis on his plate t :twisted: