Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by francis666, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. alright chaps,

    i am at the beginning of my sandhurst application, and am keen to join the gurkhas. however, could someone explain to me what the likelihood is that they will indeed be disbanded-as is being discussed by the gov.

    if the go head to disband them happens-is this immediate?
    lets say i pass out from sandhurst into RGR and a cple of years later they are disbanded...where would that leave the officers in terms of their position within in the army?

    on one of the forms it asks, if know, to list your 3 choice regiments. would you say in this situation its best to leave this blank?

    appreciate it, thanks
  2. Francis - how do you spell "Journalist"? ;-)
  3. You'll be lucky to pass out from Sandhurst if you don't learn how to use capital letters...
  4. I've obviously missed something, who said the Gurkhas were getting disbanded?

    Last thing I heard about the Gurkhas was the Taliban are terrified of them. ICOM chatter reveals they don't like the 'men with knives'.
  5. good point jim cheers....but ive done some resarch and the gov simply doesnt want to/cant play for gurkha pensions-seems a solid reason-although i could give a hundred more areas to take money from to fund this.

    fifth columnist- who gives a s*hit if i dont use capital litters or i abbreviate in a post, on a casual forum. you think il write like this in my essays? f*cking curtain twitcher
  6. Could you give us a link to this information.
  7. The argument seems a little weak. It costs no more to look after Gurkhas than it does other service personnel.

    As for the 50,000 possibly entering the Country, it is but small fry compared to the low lifes that are allowed to squeeze in, and at least Jonny G has earned his right to be here, and bring his family if he desires.
  8. im sure its the british gov, as it pays the pensions.

    dingerr...good point mate
  9. Its the Nepalese goverment as A: they don't want the citizens being hired as mercenerys and B: Now that Ghurkas can live in the UK they won't being seeing any of the pension money going into their economy.
  10. It's about first impressions.
  11. and what sort of a first impression is a snail on a nipple?
  12. stacker....what did you think of that link i posted?
  13. dont leesten geez there all speling & gramer nazis here.hoo usiz proper english this days