Gurkhas Win Court Battle!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Psypher, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. A very moving video report by the Guardian's Audrey Gillan about Falklands veteran Lance Corporal Rai and other Gurkha's still fighting for the right to live in the UK.

    Also an update on Pun VC.
    Pun VC is in top form. He met Prince Charles Tuesday at the VC & GC Association meeting, but his doctor mandated he go back to hospital that night. He was not a happy bunny. He hates it in there and is itching to get out now that his son and daughter have been given UK visitors' visas.
  2. thanks for posting psywar. Is there anything that Pun VC needs or wants?
  3. Thanks Ski, as I understand it he's being very well looked after both by the NHS and GAESO - despite the little misunderstanding about his entitlement to NHS treatment.

    His main concern was getting to see his children again so was delighted when they were granted compassionate visas to be able to visit him in the UK.
    I will ask to see if there’s anything we can do for him.
  4. Hello all,
    It would be great to get as many people as possible to watch this video. It was a moving experience travelling around and gathering these veterans' stories. We worked hard to persuade the Guardian that a video would be a good thing to do. Now I'd like to prove that it was worth extending the resources to beyond print by getting as many people to watch it as possible. It is moving piece – you may need to pretend you've got something stuck in your eye.
    MM [Audrey Gillan for those who don't know]
  5. Thank God that you ID'd yourself Minty!.....I was about to proposition you!

    Having just watched this video and I recommend that we all spend 5 minutes doing so, I have to say that the treatment of these people by HMG is utterly shameful. I felt emabarrassed. Between the plight of the Gurkhas and not forgetting that of those unfortunate LECs in Iraq, you're left wondering how any member of this Government sleeps at night. Although they probably have no difficulty in doing so. Just what is their reluctance to allow these people into this country?

    (Nice work Minty. Keep it going girl).
  6. Welcome back Minty - excellent report this government seems to have washed their hands of the Gurkhas (but what do the ZaNuLab apparatchiks know of honour).
  7. Excellent Minty :D

    YouTube the video, Kieron and his people can put it on their site, and you could do worse than getting a copy over to Joanna Lumley via her agents/publishers. I know she continues to follow the Gurkha injustices with great interest.

    You could also ask the CO's if a banner could be created, linking to the video?

    Will the BBC or ITN run it as a Magazine piece? Ditto C4 news who lurk here.

    Newsnight's Mark Urban may be worth an approach on this , and a piece done for the News24 website with the video will fit nicely in their 'featured' stories.

    Now all we need as Biscuit's mentioned, is a similar video for the Iraqi LEC's ;)
  8. PTP,
    I am useless at technology. I wouldn't even know how to begin to youtube a video... I am hoping I might find some helpful, technologically accomplished assistant on this.
    Kieran has put it up on VChero I think.
    Thanks for all helpful advice.
  9. There'll be someone in your organisation that can do that Minty :D

    Failing that, can Psywar mount the video on youtube, liveleak etc? Talking to your fellow journos should be the easy bit ;)
  10. Any one in contact with our mate Odd Ball? This should be right up his street 8)

    I'm getting this ..............


    The article is a depressing read though.. It makes my piss boil when I think of those undeserving cnuts that the government do let settle here. ( Fundamentalists etc ) :x
  11. top notch report there minty.

    i hope it gains alot more publicity.
  12. This should be a quite simple equation: you fought for us (in the case of the Gurkhas for more than 200 years) so we'll take care of you. Mind you, the UK doesn't even do that in the case of its own Brit squaddies, so I fully expect these marvellous soldiers to be peremptorily brushed off.

    What a fucking decrepit scandal!

  13. An excellent and very moving report Minty. It is shameful how our government treats those who may not hold British nationality but have fought, served, or given their lives for the UK. I really do hope that via your report the message is put out to those not in the know about this subject.
    After watching your report I do have a question that one of you may be able to answer. Those British ex-servicemen/women who have PTSD as a result of their service are very lucky to have Combat Stress as a charity to help them. If an ex-Gurkha is diagnosed with PTSD and it is proved a result of his service to the crown, is he entitled to treatment at Combat Stress?

  14. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Yes, but Combat Stress are based in the UK only.
  15. This is so shameful, in my time of service I have met the most truly loyal soldiers and everyone of them was a Gurkha, and for a Ex Capt to be reduced to tears is just so disgraceful that every member of the Government no matter what position should stand side by side and apologise to every Gurkha Soldier for the way they have been treated. The Rt Hon Des Browne MP is so spineless to the fact I feel sorry for every soldier serving today.