Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rights

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by kennys-go-nad, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. I could not believe the MOD would be so stupid to even try to use this again after the slapping they got last time round with the biddiss case .Words fail me :roll:

    The MOD's response is typical what they failed to realise is that MCP never had a 15 year point before. It was only introduced during the Ghurkhas Terms and condition of Service review held only this year

    Are there means of getting this translated/distributed for our Gurkha colleges in the forces?

  2. A disgrace. The Gurkha soldiers serve this country with great distinction.
    It should be pointed out, however, that the call to revise their pension rights would lead to another attempt to screw them.
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Have they not been doing that to 'locally enlisted' squaddies for some time? ISTR that Options for Change was a prime mover in this field.
  4. This just goes to show that the Government does not care about the Armed forces, Every time we think something is going in our favour they introduce something else to feck us over. Nothing this Government does surprise’s me now. As was said this is blatant discrimination of a single group, bring on the ARRSE lawyers. If they get away with this where will it end? :evil: :evil: :evil:
  5. once this filters back to Nepal, I wonder how many will as keen to join up.
  6. What a bleedin shower of XXXX we have running our country. They throw money at undesirables and rob our best to pay for it.
    Damn their eyes!

    EDIT to add: I bet you anything you wanna that the politico scumbags will not have their pension rights negatively affected. It is just one bad decision after another.

    We probably need a new political party. One that promotes the values the majority of citizens want. Reward good behaviour and punish bad. Look after our own and only help others when we can aford it. WTF is the government doing promising aid to Africa and he World Bank while our own people are short on basic care, rewarding ilegal immigrants while leaving Iraqi interpreters in the cold and now the Ghurkas are getting screwed to pay for their crap?
  7. This seems to be a clear case of "The Law of Unintended Consequences". People were unhappy about the previous terms of service under which Gurkhas served and viewed them as discriminatory. It was pointed out that there were very good reasons for these particular Terms and conditions not least the agreement between India, Nepal and the UK dating back to 1947. Nevertheless, it seems the Gurkhas have been put on the same terms and conditions as the remainder of the Army and guess what, it ain't all it was cracked up to be. Seems to be an argument for leaving well enough alone and not letting ill-informed sentimentality (and no small amount of political correctness) get in the way of the facts.
    I like and admire the Gurkhas and would happily see several more battalions recruited, why this hasn't already been done is a mystery to me, presumably something to do with the proportion of Gurkhas in the Army as as wholle and the infantry in particular?
  8. Lads, I think you will find that this was pretty much always on the cards.

    The Gurkha TACOS took the early departure in to account, despite the fact the annual payout was less, it started earlier than the Pension (75) for British TACOS.

    You put Gurkhas oon British TACOS so they are dealt with the same as a Brit. If he leaves prior to the IP point, then no IP.

    The Gurkhas have had this form of "MCP" in place for donkeys. Only a select few will reach the 22 year point.

    However, I have heard that certainly the QGS are moving in to the RSigs for continuation. Esp if they retrade to a trade currently not held on the strength of the QGS.
  9. Not correct Jaeger
    MCP never had a 15 year point before, Also MCP was stopped in April 2002 after the mentioned case. It was only introduced during the Ghurkhas Terms and condition of Service review held this year. After Mr Hoon agreed that Ghurkhas could transfer to the AFPS 75/05. The offer was made Sept/Oct this year and the new GTOS came out just before they could change pension schemes, what a surprise. :roll:
  10. Kenny, whilst not in name, an MCP HAS existed in the Bde of Gurkhas for some time now.

    If you don't reach Sgt by a certain point you are out. If you do you have a certain amount of time to reach C/SSgt before your discharge. Only a few Gurkhas have ever reached the 22yr point.

    I may be wrong, but I think it was 15 years, 18 years and a further 2 years awarded for WO2. (Bearing in mind that certainly the QGS doesn't have a WO1 slot as it isn't a formed Regt, this may be the case for the other Corps Gurkhas).

    You also have to factor in the Commissions for the Gurkhas also.

    Edit to add
    I very much doubt this will affect recruitment. The spaces available each year are in the low hundreds, the potential recruits in their thousands for the British Gurkhas alone. The Gurkhas have the option of not just the British Gurkhas, but also the Singapore Police and the Indian Gurkhas.

    Nepals biggest export and greatest earner is man power to countries who need it. You'll find Nepalese working in every country going, all over the Middle East as Nannies, cooks and body guards not to mention the Far East, and more and more in the USA.
  11. Rather them than me, besides many are on the gravy train living of the rep of the many distinguished Gurkhas..I have Gurkha mates and I have Gurkhas I hate for one reason or another...But the terms and conditions of their contract is known to them from the start...Its the classic old 'Me no understand'...
  12. Their terms and conditions weren't known to them from the start. They were changed a few years ago.

    The Gurkhas recruited under the new TACOS are still quite junior. It is the old boys and their numberies who are being affected.
  13. Leaving aside the no doubt unintended racism of "me no understand", the story is about the MOD wanting to move the goalposts.
  14. This is an extract for the AFPS 05 Q and A paper.