Gurkhas - what do other soldiers think?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by musicalmarvin, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm extremely interested in joining the Gurkhas. I would like to know what the general opinion of other infantry bods is - good, bad, etc.
  2. I cnnot speak for Gurkhas Infantry soldiers, But i can for Gurkha Signals.

    Some of the best blokes i have worked with, Very dedicated to the work, and always smiling. they also cook a mean rabbit curry.

    Kept the local population of rabbits down on camp anyway!!
  3. umm can you join them as a tom, or do you want to be an officer?

    I have met a few Gurka Officers, they seemed like nice blokes, but it does seem a bit colonial to me. But then again, I dont like English Officers in Welsh Regiments :twisted:

    as for the soldiers themselves- professional, hardworking, madder than mad jack mcmad
  4. No,
    It would be to join as an officer.
  5. if you think your up to it then go for it

    may I ask why you are thinking of the Ghurkas (and the Grenadier Guards)?
  6. In my brief experience the junior ranks are clockwork soldiers - very, very good at what they have been trained in but unwilling to tackle something out of the ordinary. The only Nepali officer I met was a platoon commander - or possibly the coy 2ic - I forget - and he was something of a timeserver - years of experience of the same narrow horizons.
  7. Not too sure - if I go for Gurkhas, will it limit the choice of employment outside the regiment? Also, the size of the mess will be rather limited - only three British (not QGO) platoon commanders. Coy OC, CO etc are also British, but more likely to be living out. All the Gurkha Officers are bound to be married and living out.

    Other Infantry Regiments are also tempting me - Guards, RGJ or PWRR perhaps.

    Come to mention it, Artillery is also tempting!

    I'm confused....
  8. I worked with Gurkhas On Milan Det/sect comd and SCBC. Alright I suppose. Hate the cold like, and eat some right sh1t. Keen as mustard.

    However can't drink for toffee!
  9. I recently had the pleasure of doing some training with the Gurkhas. All the guys I met were really nice, from the soldiers, NCO's and Officers. They're extremely professional and were all keen to teach me things I didn't know, and I learnt a lot from them.

    One word of warning though. Those guys are really fit so if you want to be an officer with them I'd really start training.

    Oh yeah, and the big plus is the food they have is superb. Nothing better than a nice curry when you're stuck out in the middle of Sennybridge in the rain :D .
  10. i worked with the ghurkas in bosnia recently, brilliant bunch of blokes, keen as mustard, OC was a british Offr, 2ic a QGO. we had a close relationship with them and i personally could not fault them, they left me alone and had no interest in fcuking my lads about.

  11. yeah there is, a lift home
  12. I once had a mines awareness brief off a Gurkha Enginner Sgt in Nicosia. After 20 mins he strolled off happy in the knowledge that we were now all briefed up and I looked round at a sea of blank faces. Nobody had understood a word. He had been trying to speak some form of english but we haddn't grasped a single point that he had been trying to make. It wasn't as if the subject matter had been alien to us.... we were all engineers!
  13. Uhh?

    Do you have first hand experience?