Gurkhas train new elite Afghan police teams

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Sep 22, 2011.

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  2. Oh dear that's not a good plan.
  3. Why not?
  4. Oxymoron - 'Elite Afghan'

    Still not sure why we are bothering with the ANP? Recruited locally, riddled with tribal politics, corrupt and ineffective. The figures for retention are also terrible - something like 40% failing to complete basic training. There was a chance in 2008 to disband them and start again - the opportunity was wasted.

    If we want to increase security in Afghanistan we should be training ANCOP - locally respected, generally independent and not scared of a fight.
  5. no ones bit yet on the last sentance "raf regt to take over training of prus"
    have set timer on phone to run.
  6. A few years ago, we did an op with an ANA unit that was described to us as 'Afghan SF'. Couldn't give you any more info than that, but they were well organised, disciplined troops who appeared to be at a similar skill level to us.
  7. DeltaDog - ANA, whole different story.

    ANA are generally recruited from a different part of Afghanistan (no tribal loyalties etc). Hence why you will see many Hazara's in the south. They are better paid, better trained, more professional and the local people have a lot of respect for them, as do I.

    My original post was the sight of 'ANP' and 'Elite' in the same sentence.
  8. Do the ANP have WIMIK's?!
  9. Got to agree with this as the ANP are a strange mob (understatement).
  10. Apologies. Long day!
  11. If you read the article it seems to imply that the ANP the RGR are training are similar to the ANCOP.

    The extra training (especially IED detection) puts them in the 'local version of the ANCOP Support Bn' box quite nicely.
  12. I am sure the RGR will do a great job, and I am reluctant to have to say that whilst working in mufti I have not been impressed by the ANP at all. The locals do not trust them, corruption is a regular occurrence (poor pay) and there is tribal politics in everything. (A day in their cells, whilst denying an RTA with a Kutchi, is an eye-opener).

    A certian area in the south had ANCOP while the ANP were pulled out for re-training 2 years ago - the local population as a whole asked the Governor if they could keep the ANCOP battalion - they did not want the ANP back.

    I am sure there are some good ANP (though I never met one under Deputy Chief of Police level).

    You cannot polish a turd, but I am sure the RGR will give it their best - good luck to them.
  13. I thought the ANP chaps were getting this squared away, and they often serve away from where they were recruited...

    Are we getting cross-mogrified with the various other militias and 'police'?