Gurkhas racially abused!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TartanJock, Apr 16, 2007.

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    Gurkas being one of their toughest battles tomorrow

    THE Gurkhas – who have won 6,500 decorations for bravery while fighting for Britain – begin one of their toughest battles tomorrow.

    They are taking on the Ministry of Defence, claiming its treatment of them has been racist.

    Four Nepalese soldiers are taking their case to an Employment Tribunal in London. And if they are successful their action could topple a ruling that has left thousands of the most vulnerable Gurkha veterans in abject poverty.

    The Gurkhas’ battle for equal ­pension rights suffered a setback when the Government ruled that citizenship rights and fairer pensions would apply only to currently-serving Gurkhas.

    This ruling leaves many of the most vulnerable Gurkhas trying to survive on just £23 a month or nothing, ­campaigners have claimed.

    Tomorrow the four Gurkhas will argue that the fact that they received less in pay and perks than British troops is a case of racial discrimination.

    What a way of treating the finest fighting men in the world.This MoD should be bloody ashamed of itself.
  2. So, this PC obsessed Government treats Gurkhas as second class soldiers?
    Good luck to them, hope they humiliate the MOD...
  3. They aren't being "abused" so much as neglected. Though, one can argue that neglect is a form of abuse. Oh whatever, they deserve equal pensions. They bleed like any other soldier.
  4. Without getting to complicated, in a lot of the treatment issues in the run up to the current change of TACOS, the British were tied by an agreement with India and Nepal as to what they could and couldn't do.

    It was called the Tri-Partite agreement.

    The old Gurkha TACOS were pretty fair considering, but have changed. This may be due to the different circumstances that modern Gurkhas contend with.
  5. Agreed - it was all about cash. However times have changed - they belong to us - pay them as equals. I wonder what they would have done if challenged by the Iranians?
  6. True, they were tied to the TACOS, but when it came to applying to remain in the UK and become citezens they were treated badly. It all builds up resentment. Good luck to them.
  7. LOL....They wouldnt have had IPOD's for starters, most likely outcome would have been pretty bad for the eyerabs.
  8. Not that I don't agree with giving the Gurkha's their due, but didn't they sign up to the T's & C's at the time and they were happy with them then. (or they wouldn't have applied?)
  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I think a lot of Gurkha rights campaigners would suggest that the Tripartite Agreement was only adhered to because it suited the UK Government to adhere to it. I believe the Indian Army let it slide years ago.
  10. Good luck to them, I hope they get what they are after, each and every one of them!!

    They deserve it.
  11. Do the Gurkhas not recieve pay and perks like everybody else? I thought we were all the same.

    If they dont then they should.
  13. For 100 non issues there is 1 real case, its a simple premise - all soldiers running the same risks and giving the same service deserve the same pay regardless of any other factor.

    UK PLC has been having soliders on the cheap which is insulting to them and to rest of the Army.

    Good luck with the case lads!
  14. A little tradition in the Brigade of Gurkhas known as KIDA (Keep Them in the Dark Ages). It will always be argued that a Gurkha unit is a world within a world but in reality it is just a way of keeping them cheap. Let's hope they get what they deserve but still keep their long leave.