Gurkhas In Vietnam 2006 ?

Yesterday I was loooking through a recent Thai motorcycle magazine.
Inside was an artical on Gurhkas and it seemed to indicate they where on exercise in Vietnam.
Many photos including one showing crossed "drawn' Kukuries with a figure 7 suggesting to me 7th Battalion ?
One photo of intrest showed two 'Civvy' ex Gurkha soldiers, in very smart uniform on duty as Bank Guards ? armed with modern auto shot guns.
I do not read Thai and only Thai who spoke any English was not to helpful but he suggested that the troops where actualy in Vietnam on exercise.
From Brunei ?
Could be from Nepal John, I was in the Country in January visiting the RNA (now just the NA) Peace Keeping School, I had never realised just how big an industry the ‘Gurkha’ is, not just ours.
Perhaps but although I cannot read Thai the artical was three pages long had over a dozen photos. Seemed a well put together piece but as I say my interprater does not have a great command of English and may well have been doing the 'Normal' Oriental thing of keeping the forigner happy.
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