Gurkhas get shafted-yet again.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Did you really expect anything else from this bunch of self righteous c****? They'll probably hang it out until they lose power in the next election.
  2. Only three months? I had no idea that Mandelson was so busy.

    It is clear that the revolting man makes all the decisions in this repellent government, and let us be honest, how many votes does the welfare of Gurkhas garner?

    If we had one, yes ONE, minister in this government with the understanding of:

    Integrity and,

    of the most junior Gurkha rifleman, we would be a much happier country!
  3. Time for Joanna to get out and about again. "This has involved consultation across government." Typical Liarbour Newspeak for "We have done feck all about it".

    Isquared - none of the politicos have ANY of the qualities you speak of so don't hold your breath.
  4. Hmmm March / April, election time prehaps ? a way to duck out of it. I agree with saintstone.

  5. Solution is simple, really. Fly the Gurkhas down to the Horn of Africa, have them pull off a heist of a random civilian commercial vessel, and arrange for the RN to pick them up. Gurkhas can then claim political asylum as wanted pirates, and Robert is their mother's brother....
  6. The 'Military Covenant' that they keep on about should apply to all our personnel including the Gurkhas.
  7. :D

    Hopefully th is matter will be resolved speedily. It is good to know that, at present, all Gurkhas discharged AFTER 1997 are able to settle.

    The big thing at the moment, is that prior to this very few Gurkhas served in Britain. Training and service was pretty much ONLY in Hong Kong. If we still had Hong Kong, then we would probably be seeing a drive for them to settle there.

    It is hard to place ties in to the UK. Aside from their service and loyalty the country. Noonce can dispute or discount this.

    Many of these veterans may well require care, for many on this board this is a cut and dry descision. But as pointed out above, votes may ride on this. The Gurkhas may not bring many votes, but they may LOSE them, should this move hinder others treatment on the NHS, etc.

    Just to put my above comments in perspective (and remove the chance of bile from posters :D ) I served 6 years wearing a Queens Gurkha Signals capbadge and stable belt, and I am looking at the two No2 Kukris I was presented when I left each unit.
  8. That is too far and too slow, get them all down to Stanstead and "borrow" an aircraft there and then they can claim asylum, worked for others
  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Perhaps concerned citizens of arrse should write to their MP’s to get an official explanation as to the time lag and why the Government has gone against the tribunal’s ruling. At least someone might get the idea that someone cares.
  10. Agreed about a speedy resolution.

    "Very few Gurkhas served in Btitain" before 1997. I know this is the basis for the Government's present policy, but I feel it is overstated when there was a Gurkha battalion stationed in UK long before 1997.

    The 1st Battalion 7th (Duke of Edinburgh’s Own) Gurkha Rifles were stationed at Queen Elizabeth Barracks, Church Crookham, from 1971 to 2000.
  11. And it is the wrong basis - if somebody was good enough to crawl through the jungles of Borneo on our behalf in our uniform then said person is good enough to live in our country. End of.

    As an aside, a security company that employs ex-Gurkhas has taken over the security at Bloombergs in London. My son works there and describes them as very well turned out, very polite and very efficient. And they impress the sh1t out of foreign visitors :D
  12. Quite
  13. Sadly - I believe some of them have been reduced to providing security for our convoys into and in Afghanistan and have been paying the inevitable price