Gurkhas deserve right to stay

Gurkhas who served in the British Army prior to 1997 including those who fought in Gulf and Falkland Islands are now fighting for their right to come to the UK since they were turned down by the government ruling citing "lack of strong ties to the UK". :x

My guess is that anyone who has a few years time in the Forces (late alone Crosses awarded in conflicts) has right to live in the country since they have dedicated their life to the country and they could have equally been killed in the course of their tour. :?

Does one have to be a hate-preacher, terrorist, benefits cheat, economic migrant or a criminal from other parts of the world to be allowed to stay in Britain? :x

Can we all write to our local media and MPs etc so that the tribunal taking place now will not award Gurkhas double punishment for serving the Crown and the Country, first punishment being 25% in pension (in comparison to their British counterpart) and the second, favouring criminals, hate-preachers and economic migrants for right to live in this country? :idea:
Is this the new target?

If they were good enough to serve with us they are good enough to live with us!
I'm going to be writing to my local MP about this. It's absolutely atrocious that some of the most skilled soldiers in our Army are treated as second class.
We should follow the example of the French ( not a phrase I bandy about a great deal. )

Anybody can serve a 5 year "contrat" with the Foreign Legion, at the end of which they are eligable for French citizenship.

More than fair; put your life on the line for La Patrie, La Patrie will look after you for life.
Added my signature to PM website. I think service of 5 yrs or more should give you the automatic right to British Citizenship. After all, you're putting your life on the line for the country, the country should look after you, and your family. Besides, at the end of 22 years, you then have model citizens who can then form a strong back bone to their local communities. Give me Gurkha neighbours anyday.

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